Nigerian 'Black Money' Scam Continues After 20/20 Expose

I have read your last emails contents and i think you are really getting more naughty for my liking. I will await every other steps you are willing to embark upon, but if i were you, i will look back in the days and consider the first inception stages of this transaction and your claims of this payment. I am only trying to help you out in a situation where it was realised and detected that you were being misled and was atually on the contrary lane of securing this payment. Now, the issue on ground is that; i wanted my own part of the deal upfront and there you go, barking like a wounded lion.

How dare you? Now let me come to inform you of certain facts you have failed to understand and realise in the fullest phases and that is; no one has scammed you nor played a fast one on you, mind you; but this is not to stop you from undertaking any means of action you wish to embark upon. All i am only trying to portray here is for you to clearly understrsand the fact that you can not have any testimony in the court of law about the inception initial stages of this payment which i want to assure you is still very intact but like you also know, this is a world full of uncertainities.

DO NOT blame me for any action or step i have taken in like measure, but the fact remains; you still have to come to terms with my requests and lets get this going the expected way and method. I want you to be fully rest assured that, your payment will be well sorted out and delivered to you, NOT DARKENED, NOT BLACKENED as i can see now that you are probably ready to receive the entire payment either darkened or in its normal form, whatever...

Now lets face this squarely, and concentrate more on actualising the proposed aim. You go ahead and tell me how you want this done and let me also inform you that the part compensation sum of US$25,000 is nothing to you to part with if only you can still recall back that your forwarded informations of your equity line of credit contains very close to a tune of half a million dollars and nothing was tempered with, so if i was a scam artist, i would have gone ahead to prove to be one at the time the informations was being forwarded to me on trust by you.

Meanwhile, i will like us to talk like REAL MEN and lets get this well sorted out once and for all. I will be waiting for your swift reply in these regard.

Mr. Ebi


Timothy Sloan wrote:

I am acting like an intelligent man now. You have 24 hours then it will be on international news. Your name in bright lights.

Tim Sloan

From: CBN foreign Payment office

To: Timothy Sloan

Sent: Friday, December 08, 2006 6:00 AM

Subject: Re: Lets act like REAL MEN and not TODDLERS.


Maybe you think i am pleading or trying to beg not let the news out, then you get it all wrong, go ahead and publishg whatever you like, the EFCC knows me and my office, but in addition tell them its the CBN deputy governor on international operations you can check on the website to see me and my office, i bet that you will blame yourself at the tale end.

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