Nigerian 'Black Money' Scam Continues After 20/20 Expose

If you refuse to abide by my own terms, then believe me you are the LOOSER, whether or not your story get to the news does not make any differences or get you your money. And once i nullify the payment it will be erase and gone forever, that means you looose both the fund and what you have invested in the transaction from inception. I know some currupt officials brought this information of this payment to you and wanted to use you to get this money, it does not belong to you in anyway, otherwise you are standing to claim funds that does not belong to you, i only wanted to assist you since the documents (some furge documents too) but are in your name as next of kin to David. But i need my share of it then you can have the fund. There are many foreigners who are rich today in this manner and that is one of the reason the EFCC was introduced to scare others and to retrieve this funds from any foreigners it can be trace to. Think about it.

Today is your day, maybe after your story gets on the ABC news and still does not profit you anything, then you will calm down and talk to me like some one who is ready.

believe me, suppose you quietly pay the 25,000 usd, i would have instructed Mr. Davidson to have your funds release to you in clean stage, it would have surprise you so much. But you went and invited some unvited guest into our quiet deal. The door is still open to you. The only reason i will not tamper with the fund is simply because your payment was approved and it should not be touch until you get the whole amount counted it and satisfactory to you then sign the receipt order documents. I cannot trust that once you get the money you will give out a cent, i know you guys i have read a lot of books about surgeons and how heartless they can be.

Well, when you get ready let me know.

Mr. Ebi

Timothy Sloan wrote:

You know this is pathetic.

I will never pay you anything, I promise to talk to the EFCC, I promise to continue to talk to the authorities until Davidson and Donkor are deported or arrested and put in jail.

If I had a choice I would go to Nigeria and "talk" with you face to face. You are the Looser in this affair.

Pay me my money or do not email me back --

You will get what you deserve - and I hope that I am there when you do !!

Timothy J. Sloan, M.D

----- Original Message -----

From: CBN foreign Payment office

To: Timothy Sloan

Sent: Saturday, December 09, 2006 3:41 AM

Subject: Re: Lets act like REAL MEN and not TODDLERS.

Dear Timothy,

Try and understand the position of things, you have no case with Davidson and Donkor but me, if there is justice then already the two men are free men, and there is no lenght you can go, they know nothing about our deal. And for me i can face you even in court, i have enough evidence to send you to jail. If i go down believe me you go down aswell.

So my advice; lets cut all this out, and talk about the transaction.

I am about having the shipment returned back, but not to Nigeria, because i want to sign all papers link to this payment attesting that it has been 'APPROVED AND PAID' I am still being careful so that you have nothing to get me into trouble. while at the same time need my own share of the deal.

Coming to Africa will do the two of us a lot of good, that way you get your money release in good condition and you give me mine on the spot. So you make sugestion, but whatever you sugest it has to be 50 to 50 chance between the two of us.

Mr. Ebi

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