Meet Saddam's Chemical Weapon

Bob Baer (Former CIA Agent and ABC News Consultant): The U.S. certainly knew what he was doing in the '80s. I mean, this was not a big secret. I mean, Iraq was under threat. Saddam was about ready to fall, and we turned a blind eye.

It's a much different story now as Chemical Ali plays a pivotal role, leading Iraqi resistance as U.S. and British troops mass in the south of the country near Basra. Chemical Ali is well-remembered in this city, too, following a rebellion in 1991 when some 200,000 people were rounded up and executed.

Mohammed Hanon (Shi'a Uprising Survivor): They take them for interrogation, and then mostly their fate would be execution. It was horrible. They were left to be eaten by dogs and animals.

Now today from Basra, reports of civilians shot as they try to flee the city. Young men executed for not fighting coalition troops. All signs that Chemical Ali is at it again.

Peter Gowin: He's in a fight to the finish. He will kill anybody to prolong his survival. He will use chemical weapons if he has them, and the people in southern Iraq know this.

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