Star Power

The media had a field day with her wedding -- a silver-and-white extravaganza at New York's Waldorf-Astoria hotel that even she calls "over the top, extravagant, ridiculous." Headlines blared "Bridezilla!" after Star solicited and accepted free services and gifts for her guests' goody bags. None of which fazed the bride herself. "I wouldn't do one thing differently," she says now. "I wanted the fantasy. I so wanted to be Cinderella for one brief shining moment. I wanted the white dress. I wanted the 926 bridesmaids. I wanted it all." As for the criticisms, "Oh, I couldn't care less," she says.

What she does care about are the innuendos about her husband. In her book she writes, "One day we would read that Al was out gallivanting with a bunch of women. The next day, we'd read a story questioning his sexuality." In person she elaborates: "I had extremely candid and loving and wonderful conversations with my husband. And I have no doubts in my mind who he is, what he wants and who he's with." So, is he gay? "Of course not," she says, calling the question silly.

Today Star says she's thinking about having children, although she has no deep yearning to be pregnant. She says her satisfaction now comes from what she is, not from what she's got. Still, she does have a couple of fantasies left; among them, a personal tribute to a diva from another empire: "One day," says Star Jones, smiling in anticipation, "I want to ride down the Nile, like Cleopatra did."

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