When Good Neighbors Go Bad

After seeing that her bathroom had been videotaped, Teddi Schultz said she no longer feels safe there. "I don't take a shower in that bathroom anymore. It gives me the creeps. I spend a lot of time at the gym. I just spend a lot of time at the gym, and sometimes I couldn't even go into the gym. I just sat in the parking lot and cried," she said.

Her husband, Teddi said, has trouble sleeping at night. "It's been horrible. I don't have any place to go sometimes," she added, tearfully.

To create a barrier, the Schultzes have installed double-paned windows and heavy shades, and they planted bamboo, which they were told will grow 24 to 26 feet tall.

But the neighbor said it's the Schultzes who are behaving badly. He has said the Schultzes broke a mediation agreement. He even sent clips of his surveillance video around the neighborhood. It shows him measuring the decibel level of their wind chimes. It also shows what he calls the Schultzes' harassing behavior. One clip shows Larry Schultz repeatedly hitting the wind chimes and using obscene gestures. Another shows what appears to be Larry opening the door and launching an egg.

So, are the Schultzes actually the bad guys in all this? Not from their perspective.

"That tape shows that he's harassing us," said Teddi Schultz.

"Basically, when you have that many cameras on a guy, on somebody, that's pretty much harassing somebody," she said.

But that's not how the court saw it. It was their neighbor who prevailed, receiving a restraining order against the Schultzes. They've agreed to remove their wind chimes and never throw anything on his property again. And Larry Schultz is now being prosecuted for that egg-throwing incident. He said he was provoked, and that he's sorry and ashamed of it.

"He pushed me into a corner so far," Larry said. "I can see me go grabbing a guy and punching him one time. And that's what he wants. And I'm not going to lower myself to that."

But just this month, the neighbor moved away. Larry feels he finally triumphed…although he does regret his egg toss.

'The Stuff of Nightmares'

Gillian and Chris Kennedy know firsthand how neighbor spats can lead to violence.

They lived in a house in Pegram, Tenn., where, they claim, neighbors taunted them for years. They claim neighbors vandalized their property, shot off BB guns and shined lights into their home.

"I felt like putting a helmet on, and grabbing me a shield, and running to my truck every morning," Chris Kennedy said.

In 2004, Chris Kennedy got into a knockdown, drag out fist fight with relatively new neighbor Kenneth Cantrell. Gillian Kennedy said she pulled out a shotgun to protect her husband.

"I took the gun out there, to scare him. To just leave us alone, you know? Well, what have we done so much that you hate us," she said.

What happened next is the stuff of nightmares. Gillian said the gun when off accidentally. She shot her husband through his hands, and killed her neighbor.

Cantrell's widow, Tosha, said her family never harassed the Kennedys, and that her husband was murdered in cold blood in front of their four children.

"My husband didn't have a knife, he didn't [have] anything in his hands at all," Tosha said. "She chose to take the law into her own hands and kill my husband. He should be here today with his kids."

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