Do We Need a National Law on Marriage?

And plenty of heterosexual celebrities behave as if marriage doesn't matter much. Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd's union didn't last a year, neither did Liza Minnelli and David Gest's. Drew Barrymore and Tom Green split up after five months, and Britney Spears' quickie Vegas marriage lasted less than three days. They're setting bad examples for the kids who admire them.

I don't hear LaRue's group expressing many concerns about these heterosexual threats to marriage, and we couldn't find anything about Spears' marriage on the group's Web site.

Let States Decide Individually

Polls show that most of Americans agree that same-sex marriage should be illegal. But must a majority decide for everyone?

We have 50 states. Why can't we have 50 laboratories of democracy?

Or why can't government make rules for civil unions and leave marriage up to religion. After all, it is called "holy matrimony." Then each religion can do what it believes is right.

In any case, if we're really worried about protecting children and the sanctity of marriage, we should worry less about people like Rosie O'Donnell and Kelli Carpenter and more about the irresponsible things some straight people do.

Give Me a Break.

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