John Stossel Answers Viewers' Questions

In an ABCNEWS special John Stossel debunked popular myths commonly reported in the mainstream media. In his new book, Stossel recounts some of the scams he's uncovered through his reporting and chronicles his career in journalism. Below, he answers questions from 20/20 viewers and readers.

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• Stossel Debunks Popular Myths

Ken in Long Island writes:Have you seen the parody of you and your Give Me a Break segment on The Daily Show? What do you think of it?

John Stossel: No, I did not know! I love the Daily Show. What do they do?

Gloria in Florida writes: Are you a member of the Libertarian Party, or do you just espouse libertarian ideals?

Stossel: I am not a member of any political party. I espouse libertarian ideals. I do think we need government, but LIMITED government. It should keep the peace, guard the coasts, run the courts and protect the environment. Then it should leave us alone. ANYTHING THAT'S PEACEFUL should be allowed.

Laura in Oregon writes: Considering ABC is part of the liberal/biased media I was wondering if you get any push back from ABC regarding your topics you discuss? It's about time for network TV to expose the truths as you do. Keep going!

Stossel: Believe me. I get plenty of push back.

Jason Hayes writes: Why don't you take on the overly conservative media … such as Fox News? Those people undyingly support and bolster anything Bush-related and do not give any credit to the Democrats or in general. It's all swayed!

Stossel: Do they? Maybe I don't watch Fox enough, but I have not seen that.

Janet Speyrer in New Orleans writes: On GMA this morning, you spoke about a helpful program for stutterers. Could you please provide the name and contact information for the program? Thank you in advance for your help.

Stossel: The Communications Reconstruction Center in Roanoke, Va. ( also is helpful.

David Carr in Toledo writes: I enjoy your reporting and am glad you are now on with Barbara every week. Is there anyone in government who really cares, who really gives a damn about all of the waste and pork projects? I get so upset by all of the BS I don't know who is sincere and honest in D.C. anymore. What organizations can you recommend who are non-partisan watchdogs?

Stossel: Citizens Against Government Waste The Cato Institute The Reason Foundation

RecoWilliams in Ruston, La., writes: When are you going to come out with a DVD with your greatest interviews and exposes? We are big fans of you at Louisiana Tech and my TIVO is getting full. I need a DVD.

Stossel: will sell my past specials on DVD. They also have curriculum guides for students.

Andrea in Harrisburg, Pa., writes: Please define "liberal media".

Stossel: "Liberal media" was my publisher's phrase, but I certainly agree that it exists. I define it as the mainstream media, which takes its cues from The New York Times.

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