Waitresses Dressed as Naughty Nurses a Crime?

Neily said Summers' protest is far better than what the government is doing. "They have a letter-writing campaign on their Web site. Nurses have sent letters to the Heart Attack Grill. That's the right way to go about it, but getting the government to come in and try to censor somebody who's saying something that offends you or that you disagree with is the wrong way to go about it."

Everyone at the restaurant told us the state nursing board's complaint was ridiculous. "Nurse" Vanessa said, "I really think they need to grow a sense of humor."

"There's so many great causes that we can spend our taxpayers' dollars on. Why do they want to pick on this simple little 40-stool restaurant? I don't know," wondered Basso. "The government has gotten big enough as it is -- do they really have to stick their nose into my business?"

Good question. Even nurses' advocate Summers, who has that letter-writing campaign against the restaurant on her Web site, calls the attorney general's action an assault on free speech. Kudos to her — that's the right way to protest something that offends you.

Just today, the Arizona state nursing board met and finally decided it would not take any action against the Heart Attack Grill.

That's good news, and I bet it probably won't be long before some other government officials come and threaten to shut his place down just because of the fatty food it serves. And I say to all those killjoys: Give me a break!

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