Seven Continents, Seven Ways to Save the World


Click here for photos from the Saguaro Solar Power Plant in Red Rock, Arizona, the first plant of it's kind to be built in the United States in nearly 20 years.

And in Asia, we explore perhaps the most fundamental issue of all: Is the world willing to make the changes we'll need?

From alternative energy programs as small as a solar panel on a rooftop and as large as the biggest "wind farm" in America, to scientists with a prototype of a machine that could take damaging greenhouse gases right out of the air, you'll have a chance to look down from space and get an overview of what in the world we can do to improve the environment.

Do Your Part

We'll even look at what the average American uses up in their lifetime -- how many light bulbs and coffee cups do you think you'll use from the cradle to the grave? Newspapers? Hangers? We will fill a 900,000 cubic foot hangar with one person's lifetime quota of "stuff" -- and your jaw will drop.

The report will also focus on the smartest changes you can make in your own homes to help -- things you can do tomorrow to do your part. It's as easy as changing a light bulb, and as odd as changing your driving habits -- don't turn left. That's right, UPS has instructed its drivers to develop "right turn routes" to their destinations, since left turns involve idling engines as you wait to turn. Idling engines mean more gasoline used -- and more greenhouse gases up into the air.

The reports will span "Good Morning America" through "World News With Charles Gibson," an hour-long "20/20" anchored by Diane Sawyer, and "Nightline" -- and, of course, and ABC News Now will be on all day with live reports. As the world goes green, ABC News goes global -- Earth Day 2007.

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