Ex-Edwards Aide: $1 Million Spent to Cover Up Pregnant Mistress

"Fred, on his own and without discussing it with anyone else, provided financial help to Andrew Young and Rielle Hunter when they were being besieged by the media to try to help them protect their and their families' privacy," Abbe Lowell, a friend of the family, said in a statement to ABC News on behalf of Fred Baron. "It would be awful if anyone who was a willing beneficiary of Fred's generosity and friendship was now so ungrateful that he or she tried to mischaracterize what happened, blame Fred for their decisions, and especially try to put words in Fred's mouth now that he has passed on and cannot speak for himself."

Ex-Aide Claims He Lived Like King on Benefactors' Bill

Overnight, the middle class Young family said they were suddenly living like kings -- with Edwards' benefactors footing the bill.

When they first arrived in Florida in late December 2007, Young claims he received a FedEx package of "an envelope full of cash, hundred-dollar bills, was wrapped in Fred Baron's stationery. And it said, 'Old Chinese saying, use cash, they can't trace it,'" Young told ABC News.

And on Christmas Eve, when the Youngs wanted to spend the holiday with their kids, a private jet picked them up and whisked them all to Baron's $14 million vacation home in Aspen, Colo.

"Fred's house has this indoor swimming pool with a Jacuzzi and the constellations up in the ceiling. To the kids, it was a big adventure. They were getting private ski lessons, sledding in the front yard, riding in jets," said Young.

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Baron even paid for their kids' Christmas presents, according to Young.

Cheri Young said the "private masseuses" and "a chef that had been featured in Food and Wine magazine" were a world away from what they were used to.

Days later, Baron moved the Youngs and Hunter to the Loews Coronado Resort in San Diego, where they celebrated New Year's Eve.

On the Money:
Two homes rented for Hunter and the Youngs: $190,000
At least 10 flights on private jets: an estimated $180,000
Three five-star hotels: $31,000
1 BMW for Hunter: $28,000
Hospital and medical bills for Hunter and her baby : $18,000
Hunter's monthly allowance, from $5,000 to $11,000 a month for at least nine months: an estimated $72,000
Miscellaneous: checks from benefactor Bunny Mellon in chocolate boxes: an estimated $700,000, and payment made by Fred Baron for renovations on to the Young's Raleigh home: $325,000
Total: $1,544,000 million

Two weeks and nearly $23,000 in hotel bills later, Baron rented a sprawling ranch house in Montecito, Calif. -- close to Oprah Winfrey's estate -- for $20,000 a month, where Hunter and the Youngs waited for the baby to be born.

Young Claims Rielle Hunter Grew Accustomed to Extravagance

But Young said despite the free-flowing funds, keeping Hunter under wraps wasn't easy. At the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Fla., he said she demanded to see their rooms before they checked in to make sure they had "the right energy."

"We were up on the top penthouse suite ... and then that had the right energy," he recalled.

Young said it almost seemed like Hunter was itching to be discovered. And according to Young, she had grown accustomed to a life of extravagance.

In early October 2007, after Hunter's two-week stint living in the Young's North Carolina home, Young said she was moved into a home nearby paid for with money that Mellon had provided.

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