Caught! Workers Collect Thousands in False Injury Claims
Ex-cop Vincent Lamantia allegedly lied about suffering from post-9/11 trauma.
Private Investigator Recovered Over $2M for Psychic Fraud Victims
Bob Nygaard tracks down psychics, whom victims gave thousands of dollars to.
Man 'Seduced' by IRS Agent Appeals Dismissal of His Lawsuit
"I felt like a cheap whore," Vincent Burroughs recalled of the alleged incident.
Stiletto Shoe Murderer Sentenced to Life in Prison
She struck her boyfriend 25 times with the stiletto heel of her shoe
Woman Convicted in ‘Stiletto Murder’ Re-Enacts Killing Boyfriend
For the first time, Ana Trujillo speaks to the jury in her own words.
Couple Will 'Never Forgive' Woman Who Pretended to Be Pregnant
The woman offered to let the couple adopt her baby.
Salon Owner Discovers Rival's Alleged Murder-for-Hire Plot
Gabriel Suarez was scared to learn someone possibly wanted him dead.
Woman Guilty in 'Stiletto Murder' Says Boyfriend Was Abusive
Ana Trujillo told "20/20" Stefan Andersson attacked her first.
Ariz. Woman's Murder Trial Harkens Back to Jodi Arias Case
Jury deliberates in hammer-slaying trial for Marissa DeVault.
7 Overlooked Tax Deductions
Here are tax deductions people regret overlooking.
Best Friend ‘Ruined My Life’ When He Killed His Own Parents
Michael Mandell's friend Tyler Hadley killed own parents, then threw a party.
New Details Revealed in Alleged Maryville Rape Case
Maryville, Mo., teen accused an older classmate of raping her.
Teens Get Drunk, Parents Go to Jail
Social Host laws are now in 28 states, up from 18 in 2005.
Runaway Mom Turned Herself In
Brenda Heist went missing 11 years ago. She re-emerged in Florida April 26.
Woman Jailed in Plot to Kill Ex Says She Didn't Want Him Dead
Amy Bessey says, although he was abusive, he didn't deserve to die.
Little League Coach Terrorized by Disgruntled Parent
Woman sent threatening letters to coach and family when son didn't make team.
Breastfeeding Mom Jailed for Drinking, Informer Waitress Fired
Tasha Adams claims she wasn't drunk, but waitress Jackie Connors has no regrets.
Resource Guide: Children in Foster Care
Find out more about child welfare organizations.
Former Navy SEAL's Guide to Surviving Almost Anything
Cade Courtley, a former Navy SEAL, on how to prepare yourself for disaster.
20 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs
The wedding industry is a $30 billion giant; don't pay more than you have to.
Butt Glue? 20 Beauty Secrets From Miss America Contestants
Beauty, fitness and eating tips from some of those vying for the 2013 tiara.
Elizabeth Vargas
Vargas Is the Co-anchor of '20/20' on ABC News
David Muir
Weekend Anchor, "World News with David Muir" Co-Anchor, "20/20"
Oprah Winfrey on How Much Money People Ask to Borrow from Her
Talk queen reveals that the amount is not based on how much people need.
Sharon Osbourne Bashes Brother in Facebook Post
"Talk" co-host accuses brother of trying to make money off son's MS diagnosis.
Kobe Bryant Settles With Auction House
An auction of Kobe Bryant memorabilia will move forward after a legal spat.
'Warrior Eli' Hoax Buster's 6 Tips to Spot Online Hoax
Taryn Wright exposed an elaborate Facebook hoax in her spare time.
Teen Took Selfie With Friend After Learning Friend Was a Murderer
Michael Mandell took the photo after learning his friend killed his own parents.
Surgeon Gave Daughter Breast Implants
A California plastic surgeon is keeping it in the family by performing multiple cosmetic procedures on his own young...
Workers Claim Thousands of Dollars in False Injury Claims
Act 1: Private investigator Bob Kiehn tries to catch insurance fraudsters in the act.
Would You Hand Over $27K to a Psychic?
Act 2: People claim they've been convinced by psychics to give them thousands of dollars in cash or property.
Private Investigator Helps Victims of Alleged Psychic Fraud
Act 3: Bob Nygaard tracks down psychics, to whom people gave large sums of money and property.
Oregon Man Claims IRS Auditor Coerced Him into Having Sex
"I felt like a cheap whore," said Vincent Burroughs of 2011 visit to his home.
Celebrities and Their Freeloading Friends and Family
Act 5: From Oprah to Kobe Bryant, the rich and famous have relatives eager to cash in on their success.
Catching Workers Allegedly Faking Injuries Red-Handed
ABC's Cecilia Vega rides with private investigator Bob Kiehn to try to catch injury impostors in the act.
Son Drains Mom's Retirement Fund for Psychic Help
When Bryan James sought a psychic's advice, his mom Mary James unknowingly paid for the bill.
Man Who Collected Disability Caught on Camera Pumping Iron, Doing Cardio
Calif. private investigator John Hakala specializes in catching fake injury scammers on video.
Calif. Workers'-Comp Fraudster Goes From Crutches To High Heels in Same Day
Video of Modupe Martin ditching crutches to meet a man for a park tryst helped convict her, DA said.
Wife's Years of Alleged Abuse a Motive for Murder Plot?
Amy Bessey told "20/20" she had nothing to do with her estranged husband Robert Bessey getting shot.
20/20 10/04: Out of Bounds
Girl Crush Becomes a Crime, Police Speeding, Alleged Kindergarten Fighting
From Boy Scout to Killer: Teen in Prison for Murder
How a house party forever changed Tyler Hadley's life.
7 Cases of Extreme Plastic Surgery
Famous or not, some spare no expense or comfort to transform their appearance.
One Man's Shocking Commute Unravels His Life
Could someone in Robert Bessey's family be responsible for his attempted murder?