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'American Sniper' Widow on What He Was Like as Husband, Father
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Cleveland Kidnapping Survivors on Forgiving Ariel Castro
"I don’t think I will ever forgive him," Amanda Berry said of her kidnapper.
Cleveland Kidnapping Survivors Describe Making Their Escape
Until that moment, fear kept them from ever attempting to escape.
Cleveland Kidnapping Survivors' Near Escapes
The times Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight came close to freedom.
Cleveland Kidnapping Survivors Describe Life in Captivity
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What 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle Was Like as Husband, Father
Part 1: Kyle's wife Taya Kyle recalls the first time they met and his commitment to his country and family.
'American Sniper' Chris Kyle's Struggle to Adjust to Civilian Life
Part 2: Taya Kyle says they came close to not working out as a couple a number of times.
Taya Kyle Returns to Where 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle Died
Part 3: "Neither one of 'em saw it coming," Taya Kyle said of her husband and his friend Chad Littlefield.
'American Sniper' Widow on Seeing Her Husband's Killer in Court
Part 4: Taya Kyle was a state witness and constant presence at Eddie Ray Routh's trial for murder.
How 'American Sniper' Widow Is Moving on After Chris Kyle's Death
Part 5: Taya Kyle wrote a memoir, "American Wife: Love, War, Faith and Renewal," released May 4.
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Quinones' book "What Would You Do?" is now on sale, and the new season of "What Would You Do?" starts May 29.
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"He started showing me around the house, and I never got back out," Berry told Robin Roberts.
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Castro allowed the girls to meet for the first time while watching "America's Most Wanted."
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In her diary, Berry used a code in each entry as a daily record of rape.
The Moment Amanda Berry Kicked Her Way to Freedom
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Amanda Berry on the 'Miracle' of Her Daughter Jocelyn
Jocelyn was almost 3 years old before Castro permitted her to walk outside in the sun.
What Freedom Is Like for Survivors Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry
DeJesus is in school and has her driver's license, while Berry says they have a bright future.
Bruce Jenner, 'I'm a Woman': Part 1
Former Olympian opens up to ABC's Diane Sawyer about his lifelong struggle with gender identity.
When Bruce Jenner First Knew: Part 2
Jenner says he started exploring his feelings as a child and tried on his mother and sisters' clothes.
Bruce Jenner, the Olympic Hero: Part 3
Jenner became a national icon after winning the 1976 Olympic decathlon, but struggled in private.
Struggling with Gender Identity: Part 4
Working as a motivational speaker, Jenner says he first tried to transition into a woman in the 1980s but stopped.
Bruce Jenner Meets Kris, Kardashian Empire Launches: Part 5
After they were married, Kris Jenner helped Bruce rebrand himself and then their blended family as reality TV stars.
When Bruce Jenner Started to Tell His Children: Part 6
Jenner says the first of his 10 children he told about his transition was his third child, Brandon Jenner.
How Bruce Jenner Told the Kardashians: Part 7
Jenner said the first girl he told was Kim Kardashian after she caught him wearing a dress.
Transgender Pioneers Overcoming Discrimination: Part 8
Christine Jorgenson, Renee Richards and many others have paved the way.
Bruce Jenner on Becoming 'Her': Part 9
"She's definitely a Jenner," he says in talking about what's next for him in the transition process.
Bruce Jenner, 'This Has Always Been Me': Part 10
With love and support from family, Jenner says he is prepared to re-emerge in a new life as a woman.
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