NY Man in Prison for Murdering Son Charged in Wife's Death
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Elizabeth Vargas
Vargas Is the Co-anchor of '20/20' on ABC News
David Muir
Weekend Anchor, "World News with David Muir" Co-Anchor, "20/20"
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Police Suspect Man Killed Son for Insurance Payout
Part 1: Police reopen the investigation into the death of Levi Karlsen, who was crushed by a pickup truck.
Was House Fire Death of Man's First Wife a Murder?
Part 2: Karl Karlsen's second wife Cindy Karlsen, who feared she would be his next target, helps police.
Family Hopes Man Will Be Charged for Killing First Wife
Part 3: Karl Karlsen is serving 15 years to life in prison for murdering his son Levi Karlsen.
Man Dies Alone Mysteriously in His Hotel Room
Act 1: Police found Greg Fleniken dead from what appears to be natural causes.
Investigators Gather the Evidence
Act 2: Det. Scott Apple and private investigator Ken Brennan zero in on the crime scene.
The Mystery Is Finally Solved
Act 3: Greg Fleniken's killer is finally brought to justice.
'This Is What a Dead Man Sees': Lucky Skydiver Recalls Free-Fall
Craig Stapleton, a champion skydiver with 7,000 jumps under his belt, "helicoptered" down at 70 mph.
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An investigation into the use of mind-altering drugs on foster children.
Inside 'Love Triangle' Killer's Journal
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