Brooke Astor's Son Sentenced to Prison
Anthony Marshall sentenced to 1 to 3 years for bilking mother out of millions.
Brooke Astor Trial By the Numbers
2 defendants, 7 attorneys, 19 original jurors, 5 months in trial, one verdict.
Exclusive: Astor Family Dishes on High-Society Scandal
Philip Marshall tells "20/20" that Astor's animosity for Charlene was "clear."
Astor Signature on Third Codicil Under Scrutiny in Trial
One handwriting expert says, "no doubt that it's not Brooke Astor's signature."
Barbara Walters Interviews Brooke Astor
1.7.1993: New York City heiress highlights charity as her life's defining work.
Full Show: Astor Aura Tinged by Court Drama
Criminal charges against Astor son turn family conflict into public spectacle.
Brooke Astor and Son: Long Estrangement
When Brooke married wealthy Vincent Astor, son Tony was exiled, biographer says.
The Battle of the New York Blue Bloods
After grandson files for guardianship of Brooke Astor, family spat hits court.
After Long Wait, Astor Verdict Lands
"I think Brooke Astor would be horrified," friend Barbara Walters says.
Astor Family Secrets
Socialite Brooke Astor's son is found guilty of swindling his elderly mother.
Astor Trial: A Love Story?
Case focuses on Anthony Marshall's alleged motivation to secure funds for wife.
Astor Trial: The Colorful Back Story
The defendant, his wife, the lawyers, the friends, the matriarch and the money.