Conjoined Twins, Together Forever


"She can't see us, anyway," Lori said. "If we're on a date, she will bring something along that she has to do, or else she'll read. She totally blocks us out."

"Conjoined twins, twins through history, have had romantic lives," Dreger said. "They're like other people. They want to have love. They want to have sex. And they do that."

Why are their personality differences so dramatic?

"Twins do what the psychologists call 'individuation,'" Dreger said.

"It means that they unconsciously develop aspects of difference between themselves so that they're able to have distinct identities. Those things allow them to develop individuality even within the space of sharing a body together."

Even when Lori overspends, Reba, who is conservative with money, doesn't interfere and may even help pay her sister's creditors.

"Lori and Reba respect each other's individuality in the way that conjoined twins typically do," Dreger said.

"They give themselves the space to make mistakes. Because that's how you have to live with somebody that you're really close to. You can't live with somebody and criticize them all the time and survive conjoined."

"You live the best way you know how, the best way you can," Reba said. "And for me there is never an 'I can't.' You have to control this. This doesn't control you … us. You control your own destiny. You control your own way of life."

Both believe in an afterlife in heaven.

When asked whether they still will be together then, Lori said, "Probably not. We'll probably be totally separated by then, because when you go to heaven you're completely healed of all your illnesses. I believe you are whole again. You're totally … one."

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