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Death Down Under: Gabe Watson Speaks
Part 1: The man labeled the "Honeymoon Killer" tells how he and Tina met.
Death Down Under: What Really Happened?
Part 2: Gabe Watson recounts in detail the scuba dive that killed his wife.
Death Down Under: Suspicion Begins
Part 3: A phone call made Tina's father think Watson may be hiding something.
Death Down Under: War of the Roses
Part 4: Watson tries to defend his bizarre gravesite behavior.
Death Down Under: The Trial
Part 5: After a strong start, the prosecution's case falls apart.
Death Down Under: A Shocking Conclusion
Part 6: Watson goes free -- and we ask scuba experts what they think.
Modern Polygamist Family Goes Public
Part 1: Dargers risk prosecution to make a case for legalizing polygamy.
Locking Eyes Across the Room
Part 2: How did Joe Darger end up marrying his wife's identical twin sister?
We're Just Normal People'
Part 3: Darger children say they're no different from anyone else.
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"Home Improvement" star on his wild past, alpha male success and advice on women
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Part 1: Seattle student, convicted of murder in Italy, awaits outcome of appeal.
Before Knox: The Monster of Florence
Part 2: Prosecutor had controversial history before taking on Knox case.
Amanda Knox: Conspiracy Theory
Part 3: Authorities allege conspiracy between Knox, boyfriend and drifter.
Knox Evidence: Shoddy Police Work?
Part 4: Defense lawyers cite experts' doubts about DNA evidence.
Amanda Knox: What's Next?
Part 5: After four years in prison, will Amanda Knox walk free?
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Blair Griffith's family was evicted weeks after a state pageant victory.