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Jenner sat down for an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer.
How Police Found This North Carolina Woman???s Killer
On New Year’s Day in 2012, the new mother vanished, leaving her baby behind.
How Mary Kay Letourneau, Vili Fualaau Feel About Each Other Today
Their teacher-student sex scandal made headlines around the world.
Exclusive: Mary Kay Letourneau, Her Student-Lover Today
Mary Kay Letourneau earned national attention for a teacher-student sex scandal.
Exclusive First Look: Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau's Teen Daughters
Mary became pregnant with Vili Fualaau's child when he was 13.
Murder Charges Dropped Against Mom in Salt Poisoning
Hannah Overton spent seven years in prison until her conviction was overturned.
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4 Nurse Secrets That Could Affect You
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Ex-American Apparel CEO Speaks Out for First Time Since Ouster
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Former CFO on Food Stamps After Controversial Viral Video
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Why Customer Service Reps Might Deliberately Make Experiences Worse
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Police Raid Cannabis Club Run By Reporter Who Quit on Live TV
Alaska Cannabis Club owner Charlo Greene said, "F*** it, I quit," while on air.
'Midnight Rider' Edited Footage from Train Crash Shoot
It was the only scene that was ever made for the ill-fated movie.
New 'Midnight Rider' Video Captures Train Trestle Terror
Crewmember Sarah Jones was killed, seven others injured, while filming a scene.
Parents of Killed 'Midnight Rider' Crewmember Visit Train Accident Site
While filming, Sarah Jones was killed on the train trestle by a freight train.
How They Filmed 'The Sound of Music' Opening Scene
The crew only had 20 minutes when the sun came out to get the shot.
The Real Von Trapps Run a Vermont Lodge, Brewery
Revisiting the famous family on whom "The Sound of Music" was based.
Why Julie Andrews Never Dated ???Sound of Music??? Co-Star Christopher Plummer
Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer admitted to having crushes on each other.
'The Sound of Music' That Never Was
What Rodgers and Hammerstein, then later filmmakers, changed about this classic.
Women Say Brain Trauma Gave Them Intense Sexual Desires
Alissa was in a car accident, while Heather had massive brain bleeding.
Trichotillomania: When You Always Want to Literally Pull Out Your Hair
Rebecca Brown struggles with the intense compulsion to pull out her hair.
Woman Works to Overcome Vomit Phobia Ahead of Wedding Day
Jessica Mellen was afraid of having a baby because of the morning sickness.
Mom Hopes Rare Diagnosis Will Clear Dad of Abuse Charges
Brandon Ross is accused of abusing his then-2-month-old son Ryder.
Controversial Guardrail System Passes Government Crash Tests
Investigation not finished as senator calls tests a “sham.”
North Carolina Mom Vanishes, Leaving Baby Behind
Act 1: Shelby Wilkie's mother Jan Sprowls last hears from her on New Year's Day in 2012.
Missing Woman Kept Husband's Abuse a Secret
Act 2: Before she vanished, Shelby Wilkie made a cryptic phone call to her husband's ex-wife.
Police Detect Blood at Home of Missing Woman
Act 3: "There was actually the silhouette of a human body," detective Sonya Matthews recalled.
Missing Woman's Husband Admits to Police Wife Is Dead
Act 4: Michael Wilkie tells a detective that Shelby Wilkie killed herself and that he cremated her.
North Carolina Man Goes on Trial for Wife's Murder
Act 5: After quick delibration, a jury finds Michael Wilkie guilty of his wife Shelby Wilkie's murder.
Woman's Husband Found Dead in Apparent Suicide
Act 1: Detectives suspect Stacey Castor's husband David Castor died from antifreeze poisoning.
Police Investigate Possibility Man Didn't Actually Kill Himself
Act 2: Evidence began to suggest that David Castor didn't commit suicide and that he was murdered.
Step-Dad's Death Shocks Girls Whose Father Also Died
Act 3: Doctors concluded that Stacey Castor's first husband Michael Wallace died of a heart attack.
Police Have Body of Woman's First Husband Exhumed
Act 4: Stacey Castor oversaw and rewrote David Castor's will after he died, leaving out his son.
Antifreeze Blamed for Both Deaths of Woman's Husbands
Act 5: Stacey Castor's daughter Ashley Wallace recalls her mother giving her a suspicious drink.
Daughter Rushed to Hospital in Apparent Suicide Attempt
Act 6: In what looks like a suicide note, Stacey Castor's daughter takes blame for her dad and stepdad's deaths.
Woman Arrested for Husband's Murder, Daughter's Attempted Murder
Act 7: Detective Dominick Spinelli says Stacey Castor attempted to use her daughter as a scapegoat.
The Investigation into Whether a Mom or Her Daughter Was a Killer
Act 8: While Stacey Castor's friends support her, the district attorney believes Ashley Wallace is innocent.
Daughter Testifies Against Mom at Murder Trial
Act 9: At Stacey Castor's trial, Ashley Wallace denies poisoning her father and stepfather with antifreeze.
Woman Denies Framing Her Daughter With Husbands' Murders
Act 10: During her testimony, Stacy Castor says she had nothing to do with the deaths of both her husbands.
Jury Returns With Shocking Verdict For Woman on Trial for Murder
Act 11: After three days, the jury finds Stacy Castor guilty of her husband's murder and daughter's attempted murder.
Convicted 'Black Widow' Killer Maintains Her Innocence
Act 12: Stacey Castor says she isn't a killer and that she didn't get a fair trial.
Cleveland Kidnapping Survivor Speaks Out in Robin Roberts Special
Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus sat down for an exclusive interview to air on Tuesday, April 28 at 10 pm ET.
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