Defense Wants Vanderbilt Rape Verdict Thrown Out Over Juror
A juror didn't disclose he or she was a rape victim.
Vanderbilt Rape Trial Jurors Say Video Evidence Decided Their Guilty Verdict
Three jurors said they broke down after seeing "horrific" video.
Vanderbilt Rape Trial: Ex-Football Players Found Guilty
Ex-football players were accused of raping a young woman in a dorm room.
Dangers of College Student Turned Campus Police Drug Informant
A mother said her son's college never told her he had a double life.
University Program Helps Student Who Was Raped Find Justice
Niki Genthe was a junior when she was raped by a friend.
Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault
Where survivors of sexual assault can turn to for help.
Meet the Bowsers: Transgender Parents Raising 2 Sons
Bianca Bowser was born a man, and Nick Bowser was born a woman.
Parents Using Marijuana Accused of Child Abuse
The Thompsons were accused of posing a risk to their son's well-being.
How Two Parents Ended Up in Jail Over After-School Spat
Police say Jill and Kent Easter took a spat over pick-up to a new extreme.
How a 'Blind' Businessman Got Caught Committing Disability Fraud
Lawrence Popp claimed he wasn't able to work, drive or read.
Not All Exterminator Dogs Are Perfect in Sniffing Out Bedbugs
An exterminator's dog that falsely alerts to bedbugs can cost you money.
How Cops Foiled Woman's Alleged Murder-for-Hire Plot
Go inside a sting set up by the Broward County Sheriff's Office's VIPER Unit.
When You're Neighbors With Rowdy Frat Boys
The Vietnam vet says he's "under siege" by his wild partying neighbors.
When Feuding With Your Neighbor Over a Fence Gets Out of Hand
Police have responded to Dominguezs' and Martinezs' homes roughly 140 times.
Couple Complained About Neighbor So Much They Were Arrested
Paul Sohacki and Katherine Gannon were charged with stalking their neighbor.
Pigs as Pets? The Potbellied Family Member Sparks Clashes With Neighbors
Two families are fighting to keep their beloved pet pigs.
Former Navy SEAL's Guide to Surviving Almost Anything
Cade Courtley, a former Navy SEAL, on how to prepare yourself for disaster.
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Video Shows Vanderbilt Football Player Carrying Victim
Act 1: Campus cops watch the surveillance video after a maintenance worker alerts them to a broken door.
Victim in Vanderbilt Case Initially Didn't Believe She Was Raped
Act 2: Police began by talking to the victim and the football players she was seen with that night.
Police Find Video of Victim's Rape by Vanderbilt Football Players
Act 3: A Google search made on Brandon Vanderburg's phone said "can police retrieve deleted picture messages."
Vanderbilt Rape Victim Apologized, Was 'Embarrassed'
Act 4: At Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey's trial, the victim took the stand to recall her hazy night.
Vanderbilt Rape Trial Juror Was 'Horrified' by Video Evidence
Act 5: Dr. Deirdre Young, Todd Easter and Dr. Corbi Milligan talk to ABC's Ryan Smith the day after the verdicts.
Student Learns Boyfriend Sexually Assaulted Her While She Was Asleep
Part 1: After writing him a letter, Niki Genthe's boyfriend admitted to her that he sexually assaulted her.
Police Set Up Sting to Record Student Admitting to Sexual Assault
Part 2: After a second confession, Luke Smith was arrested and charged with three counts of sexual assault.
Dad Finds Son Dead During College Parent's Weekend
Part 1: Logan's mom Francesca was on the way to the University of Massachusetts-Amherst when she got the news.
Student Was Drug User, Campus Police Drug Informant Before Death
Part 2: Journalism major Eric Bosco looked into fellow student Logan's campus police records and text messages.
Student's Death Leads School to Examine Confidential Informant Use
Part 3: Since her son's death, Francesca also hopes to bring the heroin dealer who sold to her son to justice.
2020 12/26: Court Overrules Mom's Conviction for Murder of Foster Son
Foster Son's Parents Suspected of His Salt Poisoning Death; Mom Found Guilty in Salt Poisoning Death of Foster Son; Mom...
2020 9/26: Out of the Woods
Birthday Sleepover Ends with 12-Year-Old Close to Death; Girls Tell Police They Plotted to Kill Friend for 'Slender Man';...
20/20 06/27: "The Secret Life of Elliot Rodger"
20/20 looks at the life of Elliot Rodger.
Inside 'Love Triangle' Killer's Journal
Pedro Bravo was found guilty of killing a friend, who was dating his ex.
N.C. Woman's Journal May Help Solve Her Murder
What do you think happened to Lucy Johnson?