Nanny Who Wouldn’t Leave Says She Feels 'Taken Advantage of'
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The Agony of a Dad Whose Son Became a Mass Killer
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Santa Barbara Shooter's Father Writes 'We Have to Stop This'
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Fake Wine, Batteries Among Goods Seized in Busts
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What Makes a Billionaire Cry? Bill Koch Duped by Wine Fakes
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Why Artists Lip-Sync, and How They Get Away With It
Even some of the most talented singers have made headlines for lip-synching.
Pregnant NC Woman's Killer Remains Free
Lucy Johnson was four months pregnant and recently engaged when she was killed.
Woman Describes Surviving Love Rival’s Murder-for-Hire Plot
New Jersey woman never imagined that her boyfriend's ex would try to kill her.
Woman Convicted of Hiring Hit Man to Kill Ex's GF Speaks Out
Nicole Faccenda is serving 10 years in federal prison.
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Living With OCD: The Lifelong Battle for Control
Elizabeth McIngvale-Cegelski has struggled with OCD since she was a child.
New Distinction of OCD Subtypes May Benefit Future Diagnosis, Treatment
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Billionaires' 20 Keys to Success
20 From '20/20': Principles That Made Tony Hsieh and Guy LaLiberte rich.
Elizabeth Vargas
Vargas Is the Co-anchor of '20/20' on ABC News
David Muir
Weekend Anchor, "World News with David Muir" Co-Anchor, "20/20"
Malibu Community Roars Over Tigers as Neighbors
Two animal trainers never expected their neighborhood to turn against them.
Real-Life Thomas Crown Turns Life Around After Heist
Anthony Curcio served five years for what he thought was the perfect crime.
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Cop Describes First Time He Went Undercover as a Hit Man
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OCD Teen Overcomes Fear of Leaving House to Attend Prom
Rocco Decorso was diagnosed with OCD at 8-years-old.
Resources for Families Seeking Treatment for Anxiety, OCD
Visit these sites for more information on mental health disorders.
Family in 'Hell' Because of Former Live-In Nanny
Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte say they fear they could lose everything because of Diane Stretton.
Former Live-In Nanny Who Wouldn't Leave Speaks
Diane Stretton says the Bracamontes called her a dog, swore at her and put dog food outside her room.
The Zoo Next Door
Horror stories of what happens when neighbors start hoarding cats or breeding tigers.
Alleged Haunted Homes Popular on Real Estate Market
Some buyers think it's cool to own a home where tenants of the supernatural also supposedly live.
Mansions on Sale Targeted for Teen Bashes
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Lifeguarding expert RAC Carroll says it should take 10 seconds or less to spot someone in trouble.
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20/20 10/04: Out of Bounds
Girl Crush Becomes a Crime, Police Speeding, Alleged Kindergarten Fighting
N.C. Woman's Journal May Help Solve Her Murder
What do you think happened to Lucy Johnson?