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Former Olympian sat down for an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer.
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Jenner says he is ready to live the rest of his life as a woman.
When Did Bruce Jenner Know
Jenner says he has struggled with gender identity since childhood.
How Bruce Jenner Told His Children About His Transition
Jenner has six biological children and four step-children.
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How Jenner went from being an Olympic hero to reality TV star.
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Uncovering Counterfeit Prescription Drug Operations in the US
A year-long ABC News investigation uncovered numerous operations.
How to Order Prescription Drugs Safely Online
Only 3 percent of online pharmacies are safe and legal, according to the FDA.
Counterfeit Items Inside Your Home Could Pose a Threat to Your Family
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How Counterfeiters Might Get Knockoffs Past Inspectors
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FLDS Members Fined $2M for Alleged Child Labor Violations
Warren Jeffs's brother is among those cited by the Dept. of Labor fine.
What Life Is Like For FLDS Members Who Left Poylgamist Sect
Former members say they were forced to leave their kids behind after they left.
How Ex-FLDS Member Handled Tense Standoff Over Her Kids
Former FLDS follower Sabrina Broadbent describes when she went back for them.
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The Fundamental Church of Latter-Day Saints is a radical polygamist sect.
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At first, she kept thinking it was a mistake.
'American Sniper' Widow Says She Put Hate for Chris Kyle's Killer Behind Her
Taya Kyle recalls what it was like to see Eddie Ray Routh at his murder trial.
'American Sniper' Widow on What He Was Like as Husband, Father
"There is so much more to him," Taya Kyle told ABC News' Robin Roberts.
Worker's Compensation Fraudsters Caught Faking Injuries
Bari Kroll and ABC News consultant Bob Kiehn conduct surveillance of suspected offenders of false claims.
Woman Discovers House Was Stolen in Real Estate Rip-Off
Part 1: Police say Shannon Lee and Qiana Johnson gained control of at least 6 houses in the alleged scam.
Alleged Con-Artists Arrested for Scheme to Steal Houses
Part 2: Shannon Lee and Qiana Johnson's alleged victims are left behind with an expensive mess.
Police Nab Wedding Crasher Who Stole Gifts, Cash
Perfect strangers can become a part of a couple's special day by crashing weddings for fun or even to steal.
Man Claiming to Be Too Blind to Drive Seen Behind the Wheel
Lawrence Popp, who collected social security benefits for his blindness, drove a car to the social security office.
Bruce Jenner, 'I'm a Woman': Part 1
Former Olympian opens up to ABC's Diane Sawyer about his lifelong struggle with gender identity.
When Bruce Jenner First Knew: Part 2
Jenner says he started exploring his feelings as a child and tried on his mother and sisters' clothes.
Bruce Jenner, the Olympic Hero: Part 3
Jenner became a national icon after winning the 1976 Olympic decathlon, but struggled in private.
Struggling with Gender Identity: Part 4
Working as a motivational speaker, Jenner says he first tried to transition into a woman in the 1980s but stopped.
Bruce Jenner Meets Kris, Kardashian Empire Launches: Part 5
After they were married, Kris Jenner helped Bruce rebrand himself and then their blended family as reality TV stars.
When Bruce Jenner Started to Tell His Children: Part 6
Jenner says the first of his 10 children he told about his transition was his third child, Brandon Jenner.
How Bruce Jenner Told the Kardashians: Part 7
Jenner said the first girl he told was Kim Kardashian after she caught him wearing a dress.
Transgender Pioneers Overcoming Discrimination: Part 8
Christine Jorgenson, Renee Richards and many others have paved the way.
Bruce Jenner on Becoming 'Her': Part 9
"She's definitely a Jenner," he says in talking about what's next for him in the transition process.
Bruce Jenner, 'This Has Always Been Me': Part 10
With love and support from family, Jenner says he is prepared to re-emerge in a new life as a woman.
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