Friend Recalls Moment She Turned in Alleged 'Road Rage' Killer
"The first words out of his mouth [were], 'I got them,'" Khatelyn Krisztian said
'Road Rage' Shooting Victim's Kids Regret What Happened
Tammy Meyers was shot and killed in her driveway on Valentine's Day 2015.
Abandoned 'Manger Baby' Reunites With Family 44 Years Later
DJ Williams was found abandoned in a church's nativity scene in 1971.
Woman Has Chance Encounter With Man She Believes Is Long-Lost Brother
Gina Lozada saw Chris at a casino before she told him they might be siblings.
Woman Searching for Father in Decades-Old Mystery
Amanda Holdiness was raised by a single mother, her grandmother and godparents.
Michigan Lawmakers Caught in Affair Cover-Up Speak Out
Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat were both married with kids during their affair.
Inside Michigan State Representative's Secret Affair Cover-Up
Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat had an extramarital affair while in office.
Daughters of Texas Murder-for-Hire Killer Discuss Dad's Involvement
Prosecutors claimed a Texas doctor hired David Shepard to kill another doctor.
Inside Texas Doctor’s Plot to Kill Rival Doctor in Love Triangle
Dr. Joseph Sonnier was found shot and stabbed to death in his own home.
What Happened in Texas Doctor Love Triangle Murder-For-Hire Case
One doctor ordered the killing of another doctor for dating his ex-girlfriend.
Elizabeth Vargas
Vargas Is the Co-anchor of '20/20' on ABC News
David Muir
Weekend Anchor, "World News with David Muir" Co-Anchor, "20/20"
Vegas 'Road Rage' Victim's Son Describes When Mom Was Killed
Brandon Meyers was in the car when police say their neighbor Erich Nowsch shot and killed his mother Tammy Meyers.
Friend of Suspected Vegas 'Road Rage' Killer Speaks Out
Khatelyn Krisztian turned in her friend Eric Nowsch, who is suspected of shooting and killing Tammy Meyers.
Man Abandoned as Baby in Manger Searches For Family: Part 1
Genealogist Pam Slaton helps DJ Williams, Gina Lozada and Amanda Holdiness try to find their long-lost relatives.
Woman Finds Man She Believes Could Be Long-Lost Half-Brother: Part 2
Gina Lozada attempts to speak on the phone with a man she thinks could be her half-brother for the first time.
Daughter Hopes DNA Test Will Prove She Finally Found Birth Father: Part 3
Before they receive the test results, Amanda Holdiness and Sam Skinner begin to bond with each other.
Woman Finally Ends 29-Year-Long Search For Half-Brother: Part 4
Gina Lozada speaks on the phone with man she's convinced is her half-brother for the first time ever.
Man Meets Four Half-Siblings For the First Time In His Life: Part 5
DJ Williams' newfound brother and sisters say they have no clue why their mother abandoned him in the manger.
Columbine Shooter's Mother Sue Klebold Speaks Out in Diane Sawyer Exclusive: First Look
Klebold gives her first television interview nearly 17 years after the tragedy, airing in a special edition of "20/20" on...
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O.J. Simpson: Inside the Case of the Defense 'Dream Team'; Hear O.J. Simpson Speak For the First Time Under Oath
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Pope Francis Asks Chicago Teen to Sing for Him; Pope Francis Calls Los Angeles Mother a 'Brave Woman'; The pontiff was...
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'Wolfpack' Brothers Grew Up Locked in NYC Apartment for Years; Chance Encounter With Filmmaker Changes 'Wolfpack' Brothers'...
Bruce Jenner - The Interview
Bruce Jenner shares an exclusive and wide-ranging conversation with Diane Sawyer.
20/20 02/27/15: A Nation of Women Behind Bars: A Diane Sawyer Hidden America Special
Women Behind Bars and the Families They Left Behind; The Duel Between Inmates and Officers Over Prison Contraband; What Life...
20/20 03/18/15: The Untold Story of 'The Sound of Music'
Fifty years after its release, Julie Andrews returns to Salzburg, Austria, with ABC News' Diane Sawyer.