Elizabeth Edwards: 'When I Closed the Door' on John
Wife of disgraced senator John Edwards speaks for the first time since split.
Edwards' Mistress: 'I'm No Home Wrecker'
John Edwards' mistress tells Orpah Winfrey they never used birth control.
Rielle Hunter Opens Up About Affair to Oprah
John Edwards' mistress says she did not break up his marriage.
Rielle Hunter on Edwards: 'I Know He Loves Me'
Andrew Young responds: calls Hunter "different," says claims are "ridiculous."
Ex-Edwards Aide Not Going to Jail
Andrew Young and his wife were cleared of a contempt charge in sex tape saga.
Elizabeth Edwards Threatens to Sue Ex-Aide
Elizabeth Edwards may sue ex-aide for alleged role in end of her marriage.
Court Takes Possession of Edwards Sex Tape
Andrew Young retrieved the alleged sex tape from a safe deposit box in Atlanta.
Aide: John Edwards Took Precedence Over My Marriage
Andrew and Cheri Young say John Edwards came first in their marriage.
Ex-Edwards Aide: 'Money Was No Object'
Edwards' benefactors provided cash, private jets to hide mistress, ex-aide says.
John and Elizabeth Edwards Legally Separated
Couple discussed how Elizabeth's breast cancer would help in polls, says aide.
John Edwards' Lawyers Fight Back
Edwards' lawyers charge former aide Andrew Young interested in financial gain.
EXCERPT: 'The Politician,' by Andrew Young
Read an excerpt on the cover-up for a presidential candidate.
Aide: Edwards Made Sex Tape, Abortion Plea
Edwards believed it was a one-in-three chance the baby was his, says aide.
Clarification on '20/20' Program, 'The Candidates Secret'
Clarification regarding "20/20" broadcast of Jan. 29, 2010.
Upcoming Book Made Edwards Admit Paternity?
Andrew Young "skeptical" Edwards went from denying paternity to "doting" dad.
Hunter Tries to Block 'Private' Video
As ex-aide touts sex tape, Rielle Hunter claims tapes taken from her.
Former Aide Rips 'Empty Words'
Edwards is in Haiti after admitting he fathered child with mistress.
Edwards Admits, 'I Am Quinn's Father'
Former aide says Edwards had him steal diaper to secretly check his paternity.
Elizabeth Edwards' Dramatic Journey
Husbands' paternity scandal latest in life of challenging, tragic moments.
Bob Woodruff Interviews John Edwards
Aug. 8, 2008: Edwards Admits to Affair in 'Nightline' Exclusive; Lied as Candidate
The Many Lives of Rielle Hunter
From equestrian to party girl immortalized in fiction, her life story is unique.
John Edwards: Plagued by Narcissism
The former presidential hopeful said he is "egotistical" and "narcissistic."
Edwards Rips Husband's Mistress in Memoir
The book's release has been moved up to next week because of leaks.
Mistress' Family Challenges Edwards to Take DNA Test
Rielle Hunter reportedly refuses to participate in genetic testing.
Elizabeth Edwards Stands by Her Man
Elizabeth Edwards becomes the latest political wife to brave an affair publicly.
Edwards' Highlight Reel
2007: A montage of Edwards Webisode clips directed by ex-mistress Rielle Hunter.
'Plight of Uganda'
Webisode tracks John Edwards' visit to a refugee camp in Uganda.
'Plane Truth'
John Edwards' Web Documentary
Rielle Hunter Tells Her Side of the Edwards Story
GQ photographs Hunter with child as she talks about falling for "Johnny."
Political Sex Scandals Redux
New York Rep. Vito Fossella admits that he does indeed have a love child.
Top 10 Political Scandals of the Decade
Look back at D.C. shenanigans, prostitution rings, affairs, leaks and more.
Chelsea Handler: Sex Tape Star?
The late night comic turned VMA host reportedly has a sex tape coming out.