Cosby Ordered to Stand Trial in Sex Assault Case
Cosby's accuser did not appear in court, but other witnesses were questioned.
New York Man Acquitted in 4th Trial Over Wife's Murder
This was the fourth murder trial over the death of his wife, Michele Harris.
How a Jury Decided to Send an Ex-Cop to Prison for 263 Years
Police say Daniel Holtzclaw targeted his victims while patrolling neighborhoods.
Accusers Share Stories of Cop Convicted of Rape
Police found 13 women who accused Daniel Holtzclaw of sexual assault.
Resources for Sexual Assault and Abuse Survivors Seeking Help
Here are some resources for sexual assault survivors seeking help.
Missing Women's Families Asked for Money to See Them Again
Megan Lancaster and Kelsie Schelling's families were asked for thousands.
Family Desperate for Answers in Pregnant Woman's Disappearance
Kelsie Schelling was eight weeks pregnant when she was last seen in Feb. 2013.
Half-Sisters Abandoned as Newborns Meet Birth Fathers
They connected the dots to each other before finding birth parents.
Siblings Abandoned as Babies by Same Mom Meet for 1st Time
A woman's search for her biological parents led to finding a brother and sister.
Mom on Why She Abandoned 3 Babies at Birth 3 Times
The three siblings met their mother for the first time.
Ron Miscavige Claims Scientology Hired P.I.s to Spy on Him
Scientology Leader David Miscavige's father spoke with ABC News "20/20."
Church of Scientology April, 29, 2016, Statement to ABC News Regarding Ron Miscavige Interview
April, 29, 2016 statement to ABC News regarding "20/20" Ron Miscavige interview.
Woman Recalls Moment She Suspected Her Mom Tried to Kill Her
Sarah Staudte nearly died after her mom poisoned her with anti-freeze.
Mom, Daughter Describe Killing Family Members With Anti-Freeze
Diane Staudte killed her husband and son in the span of just five months.
Are Some Divorcing Parents Brainwashing Their Children?
Inside the controversial idea of parental alienation.
Mother of Teens Missing for 2 Years Denies Hiding Them
The girls' father denies being abusive, blames mom for their disappearance.
How Parents' Divorce, Custody Battle Led to 2 Sisters' Disappearance
Sisters Samantha and Gianna ran away in April 2013 and were found last year.
Missing Sisters Lived in Plain Sight the Whole Time
Samantha and Gianna Rucki ran away from their Minnesota home in 2013.
Elizabeth Vargas
Vargas Is the Co-anchor of '20/20' on ABC News
David Muir
Weekend Anchor, "World News with David Muir" Co-Anchor, "20/20"
Officer Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman He Pulled Over: Part 1
Oklahoma City Police Det. Kim Davis interrogated Daniel Holtzclaw about the incident involving a woman he pulled over.
Police Find Several Women Who Accuse Officer of Sexual Assault: Part 2
Jannie Ligons says Daniel Holtzclaw forced her to commit a sex act on him as he stood by open rear door of his patrol car.
Credibility of Women Accusing Cop of Sexual Assault Is Questioned: Part 3
Among their many other problems as accusers, most of the 13 women never reported their sexual assaults.
Ex-Cop Sentenced to 263 Years for Sexual Assault Speaks: Part 4
"I have never sexually assaulted anyone," Daniel Holtzclaw told ABC News' Juju Chang while on the phone from prison.
Women Who Accused Ex-Cop of Sexual Assault Take Stand at Trial: Part 5
During the trial, some of the women were in jail on other charges and testified in their orange jumpsuits.
Ex-Cop Found Guilty of Sexual Assault Cries As Verdict Is Read: Part 6
"Those are the tears of a man that got caught, and he's not remorseful," Det. Kim Davis told ABC News.
North Carolina Mom Vanishes, Leaving Baby Behind
Act 1: Shelby Wilkie's mother Jan Sprowls last hears from her on New Year's Day in 2012.
Missing Woman Kept Husband's Abuse a Secret
Act 2: Before she vanished, Shelby Wilkie made a cryptic phone call to her husband's ex-wife.
Police Detect Blood at Home of Missing Woman
Act 3: "There was actually the silhouette of a human body," detective Sonya Matthews recalled.
Missing Woman's Husband Admits to Police Wife Is Dead
Act 4: Michael Wilkie tells a detective that Shelby Wilkie killed herself and that he cremated her.
North Carolina Man Goes on Trial for Wife's Murder
Act 5: After quick delibration, a jury finds Michael Wilkie guilty of his wife Shelby Wilkie's murder.
20/20 04/29/16: A Father's Story
Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Father on Son's Childhood; Ron Miscavige Says Son Changed After Joining Scientology.
20/20 10/30/15: Troublemaker
Leah Remini Recalls When She First Got Involved in Scientology; Leah Remini on Being Friends Tom Cruise, His Wedding to Katie...