Debt Collector Owes Over $33K for Making Woman's Life 'Hell'
Jessica Burke sued her debt collector for harassing her over late car payments.
You???re Ordering Your Coffee Wrong: Baristas Spill the Beans
Get on your barista's good side, and you might get rewarded.
The Do???s and Don???ts of Buying the Perfect Christmas Tree
Tree sellers share their secrets to picking out and taking care of your tree.
A Mother's Mission Against Nightmare Nannies
Whitney Matney is pushing for the creation of a child abuse registry.
CPSC Chair Challenges Craigslist: ???Step Up???
Head of consumer agency calls on site to do more about recalled products.
Craigslist Fires Back After Criticism Over Recalled Products
U.S. safety official: EBay, Amazon block ads for them, but Craigslist won't.
Bill Cosby, Lawyer React to 'Innuendos'
Get the latest in the embattled comedian's week.
Infant 'Fingertip Amputations' Lead to Huge Graco Stroller Recall
Five million strollers recalled, but few likely to be turned in or fixed?
Woman Allegedly Befriended Victims to Steal From Them
Vicheka Ly supposedly told pals she was close with LeBron James and Jeremy Lin.
Parents of ???Midnight Rider??? Crew Member Sarah Jones Settle Wrongful Death Suit
Jones was killed in a train accident on the Georgia set of "Midnight Rider."
What It's Like to Go Out With Someone Who Bought Your Date Online
Men and women bid on dates with attractive singles through WhatsYourPrice.com.
Meet the Men Having Sex With Strangers to Help Them Have Babies
Donors offer their sperm for free in a method called "natural insemination."
'Into the Wild' Hiker's Sister Says He Was Determined to Cut Ties with Parents
Chris McCandless' journey was immortalized in book and movie, "Into the Wild."
The Moment a Mom Reunited With Her Daughter 47 Years Later
After giving birth in a home for unwed mothers, she never saw her baby again.
Woman Discovered in NYC Phone Booth in 1965 Looks for Answers
Louise Jones is still searching to for clues about her past.
Mom of 5 Waits Behind Bars After Conviction Is Overturned
Hannah Overton was sentenced to life in "salt poisoning" death of foster son.
Movie Hairstylist Describes When Train Killed Colleague
Camera assistant Sarah Jones died.
4 Ways to Get Away With Napping on the Job
If you can't get away from your desk, here are sleeping techniques in GIF-form.
How Police Say Two Women Almost Got Away With Stealing Houses
The women took control of homes, renting some and living in others.
Your Doctor May Owe Thousands in Unpaid Student Loans
More than 800 doctors in 43 states owe over $100 million combined.
Woman Allegedly Tried to Pin Husband's Murder on Own Son
Andrew and Lee O'Brien's mother is in prison for her husband's murder.
Obsessive Ex's Cyberstalking Gets Man Fired, Arrested
Tawny Blazesjowski stalked and harassed Joe Good and others after their breakup.
Inside Robin Roberts' Courageous Fight Against MDS
A personal and candid look at the "GMA" anchor's brave journey.
Resource Guide: Children in Foster Care
Find out more about child welfare organizations.
Former Navy SEAL's Guide to Surviving Almost Anything
Cade Courtley, a former Navy SEAL, on how to prepare yourself for disaster.
20 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs
The wedding industry is a $30 billion giant; don't pay more than you have to.
Butt Glue? 20 Beauty Secrets From Miss America Contestants
Beauty, fitness and eating tips from some of those vying for the 2013 tiara.
Elizabeth Vargas
Vargas Is the Co-anchor of '20/20' on ABC News
David Muir
Weekend Anchor, "World News with David Muir" Co-Anchor, "20/20"
What to Do When Hiring a Nanny: A Checklist for Parents
By EAMON McNIFF, DENISE MARTINEZ-RAMUNDO and ALEXA VALIENTE Raising a child can be tough, and when both parents work,...
My Fiance Is a Porn Star and I'm Okay With It
Kayden Kross was once a porn star herself.
Here's Where to Start Looking for Long-Lost Loved Ones
Renowned genealogist helps people reconnect with family members.
Florida Nurse Accuses Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault
ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas talks to Therese Serignese, who claims Bill Cosby raped her when she was 19.
Woman Discovers Own Friend Allegedly Stole $13k From Her
Part 1: Police are looking for Vicheka Ly, who's been accused of stealing from friends in the past.
Recall Roulette: The Flawed System Meant to Protect Your Family
Government says some retailers, consumers, online resellers not doing enough about dangerous products.
Mom on Crusade After Catching Nanny Shaking Her Daughter
After her child was abused by a nanny, Whitney Matney is pushing for an online registry of child abusers.
Remembering Entertainment Icon Mike Nichols
For fifty years, Mike Nichols, an impresario of the entertainment industry, pushed every limit.
Porn Star Couple: Sex Is Different Off-Camera
Kayden Kross left the industry when her fellow porn actor and fiance, Manuel Ferarra, asked her to.
Tinder: Inside the App That Could Transform Dating
"We are making it incredibly easy for two people to meet," Tinder's CEO Sean Rad told ABC News' "20/20."
911 Dispatcher Refuses to Send Help to Caller
Even after calling the 911 operator a second time, a woman is refused an ambulance.
2020 9/26: Out of the Woods
Birthday Sleepover Ends with 12-Year-Old Close to Death; Girls Tell Police They Plotted to Kill Friend for 'Slender Man';...
20/20 5/2: Donald Sterling's Confidante V.Stiviano Speaks Out
V. Stiviano speaks exclusively to Barbara Walters and 20/20.
20/20 10/04: Out of Bounds
Girl Crush Becomes a Crime, Police Speeding, Alleged Kindergarten Fighting
20/20 12/2: Overmedication in Foster Care
An investigation into the use of mind-altering drugs on foster children.
Mom, Daughter She Gave Up for Adoption Together Again Decades Later
Candy Wagner gave birth in an unwed mothers home and never saw her baby again.