Newlywed Dalia Dippolito Gets 20 Years in Murder Sting; Judge Calls Her 'Pure Evil'


Dalia Dippolito expected her husband to tell investigators it was a hoax after she was arrested, defense lawyers said.

But when Mike Dippolito took the stand, he rejected the reality show idea.

"It's ridiculous," he said. "We are not here because of me."

Salnick had another card to play: He questioned how police went about their sting, noting that they invited along the TV show "COPS" to do the recordings.

"If this is a real murder plot as they say it is…nobody went to warn [Mike Dippolito]? To tell him? Instead they go the morning of the day with 'COPS' in tow?" Salnick asked.

As intriguing as the defense's case was, alternate juror Sandra Clutter said she saw no smoking gun that would show that Mike Dippolito did devise the murder-for-hire plot in an play for reality-TV stardom.

"It wasn't there," Clutter said. "I saw the prosecution's evidence as being overwhelming. I had no doubt."

Watch the full story, including incredible footage, on "Caught in the Act," a "20/20" special.

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