Courtesy of Nick and Nina Clooney
Exclusive: Father Nick Clooney dishes on mega-star son's childhood, awkward stage.
Oscar Nominees Before Stardom
PHOTO Which Celebrity Was a Young Cheerleading Star?
Sandra Bullock: 'America's Girl Next Door' Sandra Bullock was varsity cheerleader and class clown in high school.
Photo: Meryl Streep Before She Was Meryl Streep: Old Friend and Colleague Recall Streeps Cheerleading and Early Acting Days
Before She Was a Star: Meryl Streep High school friend, grad school director recall future star's early brilliance.
Top 9 things you don?t know about Matt Damon
Matt Damon: 10 Things You Don't Know Top 10 things you don't know about the Oscar nominee and star of "Invictus."
Before They Were Famous: Farmiga and Kendrick
Vera and Anna: Before They Were Famous "Up in the Air" co-stars both had early stage exposure, now competing for Oscar.
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Put your Oscar IQ to the test. Find out how Oscar nominees became today's stars!
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Oscar Nominees: Before They Were Famous
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Oscar Nominees: Before They Were Famous
Before They Were Famous