Ashley Dupr??'s Photo Album

The woman at the center of the Eliot Spitzer scandal grew up "a happy kid."

Ashley Dupr?? Through the Years

Photo: Ashley Dupré at age 1
Ashley Dupré
Photo: Ashley Dupré as a child.
Photo: Ashley Dupré at age 6.
Photo: Ashley Dupré as a child.
Photo: Eliot Spitzer's former escort Ashley Dupré.
Photo: Ashley Dupré in high school.
Pic: Ashley Dupré
Ashley Dupré
Ashley Dupr?? was raised in New Jersey with her older brother, Kyle Youmans. She said that her brother was supportive of her throughout the scandal and told her he loved her when she broke the news to him.

She was born Ashley Youmans, her biological father's name. Because the two weren't close, she chose a new last name: Dupr??. "I wanted a new name to go along with me. I've been searching for so long for that identity of who I am." (Courtesy of Ashley Dupr??)

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