Murder, Suicide or God's Will?

An intimate look at the complicated life of Doug and Faylene Grant.

Glimpse into the Grants' Life

Photo: Douglas and Faylene Grant with their family.
Douglas and Faylene Grant both had backgrounds in nutrition and fitness.
Photo: Douglas and Faylene Grant, shown here, divorced in 2000.
Photo: Faylene Grant told Douglas Grant that God told her she should remarry him.
Photo: Faylene Grant is shown with her parents, Glenna and Doug Eaves.
Photo: Faylene Grant and family.
Photo: After Faylene and Douglas Grant remarried, they set out on a second honeymoon
Photo: Faylene Grant's daughter, Jenna Stradling.
Photo: Douglas and Hilary Grant, formerly Dewitt, are shown on their wedding day, Oct. 23, 2001, just three weeks after Faylene Grant's death.
Photo: Hilary and Douglas Grant and family.
Photo: From left to right:  Braven Grant, Douglas Grant, Nevaeh Grant and Marley Grant.
Photo: Hilary and Douglas Grant and family.
From left to right: Braven Grant, Hilary (Dewitt) Grant, Bowan Grant, Doug Grant, Marley Grant and Nevaeh Grant. Before she died, Faylene Grant wrote a letter to Hilary Dewitt, asking Dewitt to be the mother of the two boys she had with Doug, Marley Grant and Braven Grant. Hilary Dewitt, now Grant, did so: She and Doug Grant now have a daughter together, Neveah Grant (Neveah is "heaven" spelled backwards). (Doug and Hilary Grant)
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