Murder, Suicide or God's Will?

An intimate look at the complicated life of Doug and Faylene Grant.

Glimpse into the Grants' Life

Photo: Douglas and Faylene Grant with their family.
Douglas and Faylene Grant both had backgrounds in nutrition and fitness.
Photo: Douglas and Faylene Grant, shown here, divorced in 2000.
Photo: Faylene Grant told Douglas Grant that God told her she should remarry him.
Photo: Faylene Grant is shown with her parents, Glenna and Doug Eaves.
Photo: Faylene Grant and family.
Photo: After Faylene and Douglas Grant remarried, they set out on a second honeymoon
Photo: Faylene Grant's daughter, Jenna Stradling.
Photo: Douglas and Hilary Grant, formerly Dewitt, are shown on their wedding day, Oct. 23, 2001, just three weeks after Faylene Grant's death.
Photo: Hilary and Douglas Grant and family.
Photo: From left to right:  Braven Grant, Douglas Grant, Nevaeh Grant and Marley Grant.
Photo: Faylene Grant and family.
Shown from left to right: Douger Eaves, Cherlene Patterson, Faylene Grant, Jody Stratton and Doug Grant and Glenna Eaves. Faylene Grant's family members, including siblings Douger Eaves, Patterson and Stratton, all were skeptical of her decision to remarry Doug Grant. (Glenna Eaves)
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