Splash! Real-Life Mermaids Seek Beauty of Deep

It's been two years since the tail's first triumphant splash in the pool. It has traveled on to one of the most spectacular places on the planet: Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas -- the world's deepest underwater sink hole.

It's also the site for the Vertical Blue free-diving championships, where Wolbert put her tail aside to judge the competition, and learn technical skills from some of the greatest living divers.

"When I first witnessed people diving deep into the ocean and coming back, I was seeing world champions," Wolbert said. "I was able to really focus on how they moved in the water. I'm able to adopt those different techniques."

And it was here that Wolbert set her personal best record, diving down 91 feet in the 35 pound tail -- and then coming back up again -- on a single breath of air.

But Wolbert also learned that wearing a powerful mermaid appendage can have its challenges.

"You're dealing with a really hydrodynamic piece of equipment," she said. "So when I was just diving down the line, I was getting down there so quickly I actually have to slow myself down."

Wolbert is not just diving to strengthen her already breathtaking abilities. Like a true super hero, she is using her powers for good. The Bahamas has the fourth-highest drowning rate per capita in the world, and Wolbert is on a mission to save its children.

"More than half the people in the Bahamas don't know how to swim, and 100 percent of them are surrounded by water," said Wolbert.

Wolbert saw a way to use the enchanting influence of mermaids for a greater purpose.

"I was with a wonderful non-profit called Swim to Empower," she said. "What their goal is to have every single Bahamian who wants to swim be able to. My focus being on children, I thought, all right, I'm down here for a free-diving competition, I'd love to do something to help this non-profit. So being a mermaid, I wanted to get the kids involved in this program.

"My passion is children. I see children. They see me. And when you have a captive audience, you can send a message. We filmed a public service announcement for anti-drowning awareness and also to help encourage them to swim."

Wolbert has found encouragement from someone she's always admired: Fraser. But, Wolbert had never met her until "20/20" brought them together.

Mermaids are helping children to safely discover the wonders of the sea, and boldly protecting ocean life. Two women who have transcended the line between myth and reality, and have shown there is more to be dreamed of in that realm than ever imagined.

"The magic of having a mermaid do it, it's so unique and it's so different and it's so much fun it's almost like a unicorn trotting up and saying, 'Would you like to learn how to ride horses?'" Wolbert said. "I mean, it's kind of like on that level right? It's something that as a child, I would have been so just completely enchanted by. So I hope that I'm doing that for some other kids."

Watch the full story tonight on "Superhuman!", a special edition of "20/20" at 10 p.m. ET

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