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Jojo8739 (Aug. 19, 2005 4:36 p.m.): Wait a minute ... since when is the right wing anti-government? Bush is a bigger government spender than Clinton was. (I refer to his pork-laden agricultural and transportation bills.) If the government really was smaller and less powerful, there would be no incentive for big business to get into bed with it in the first place. They'd actually have to make money by treating their customers and employees better than their competition. And anti-art? If the government doesn't confiscate taxpayer dollars and pay me to sit around and play with puppies all day, is it right wing "anti-puppy" propaganda? I think you should pay closer attention to prez's comments about the rightful role of government. Just because you don't see the government as the means to pay for something, doesn't mean you are against that thing. In fact, the last thing I'd want is to have the government get involved in a cause I was passionate about -- they'd just bungle it up!

BadDogla (Aug. 20, 2005 9:03 p.m.): I disagree with all the "public" spending Bush's administration is doing, but he's not corrupt. You libs don't even know what it means to be honest. Truth is a concept beyond you. Hatred is all you know.

I want to know: How hard to teachers really work? In my community, they all complain about how many hours they work, how hard they work, etc. But they get summers off, they get extra money for working football games, and other extracurricular activities, I believe. Also, school lets out at 3:00. Planning periods are during lunch times and after 3. Try and reach a teacher during lunch or after 3:00. It's a joke. I put two children through elementary, middle, and high school, and the older they got and the more they advanced, the less I was able to reach a teacher. By 3:00 the parking lot is empty…. My daughter and son tell me they have had teachers who regularly came to class hung over, or stoned. And they go to a "good" school -- not a metro or inner city school. It's time to bust the "teaching" myth and find out what they really do with their time. Not a popular subject, I know, and one that you would no doubt get tons of backlash for -- but a lot of us parents want to know -- what's really going on?

-Cheryl Stone, Greenbrier, Tenn.

We're actually trying to find out what's going on. It's among the issues I'm going to look at this fall in an hour long special on education. Over the past 30 years, America has doubled educational spending, but test scores have remained flat. What if we had a free market in education?

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