Film on Bob Crane's Fetishes Has Family Divided has become the latest skirmish in a three-decade war between Bob Crane's two surviving families. Karen Crane says she's horrified by Scotty's Web site. "I feel so incredibly disappointed that Scott did not get to know his dad," she says. "All he has grown up knowing is what Patty has put in front of him. Not only is that sad, but that's very twisted. To have saved porno photos of my dad having sex with women … and this is what she wanted to present to their son? How twisted! I want to say to Scotty, "This is your dad! Get a grip! Shame on them for doing damage to a dead man."

"This site is a tribute to my father," says Scotty. "I don't think there's anything wrong with sex. Sex is fine, sex is a wonderful thing. I don't think there's anything wrong with that."

Sharing His Hobby With His Son

But when it came to Bob Crane and sex, there was something wrong … very wrong. After Hogan's Heroes was canceled, Disney hired Crane for a family film called Superdad — only to cut ties with him after news of his sexcapades surfaced; Crane wound up touring the country doing dinner theater. And even Bob's ever-tolerant wife had to draw the line — and threaten to end her marriage — when she learned the truth: that Bob had shown explicit images to Scotty when he was just a toddler.

"I'm talking about triple-X, very hard core, very graphic," she says. "I discovered that it had been going on since [Scotty was] probably about 4. That's where I drew the line. I had to put a stop to that. No matter how much I loved him, my child came first."

Pat immediately filed for divorce and insisted Bob get into therapy.

"He was sharing his hobby with his son," says Scotty in his father's defense. "It was kind of like if your dad was really into airplane models or something, and there was an airplane model on your dinner table. You never thought anything of it until you went to your friend's house, and there were no airplane models. It was kind of like that.

Will Film Distort Dad’s Image?

Scotty and Pat say the inaccuracies of Autofocus will give people a negative image of Bob Crane. Others, however, may get a negative impression not from what the movie may have gotten wrong … but from what the movie got right. But Pat says, "What Bob and I had between us was just between us. Those women wanted to be there as badly as he did. If it didn't bother me that he was doing this … I don't know why it should bother anyone else."

And yet, amid all the tawdry tales and explicit video, Crane's feuding families agree on one thing: He was a loving husband and father. And they miss him. "He was the greatest father in the world," says Scotty. "Always there. Always helping me." "He was a wonderful dad," says Karen. "Nobody can ever say anything negative about him to me and have me believe it. I love my dad."

"Fabulously loving husband," declares Pat Crane. "No one could replace Bob. I have never been on a date. I still wear my $20 gold wedding band. Hasn't been off my hand, except for when I had to have surgery. I am still Mrs. Bob Crane. I'm still married to Bob Crane. And we will go through eternity forever. Together forever, Hogan and Hilda."

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