Police List of Items Allegedly Stolen by Princess Diana's Butler

192. Ladies' black cloth bag, yellow metal chain (Harrods) chewing gum and 2p piece.

193. Black Chanel cloth bag, yellow metal chain and clasp, contains placecard for Mrs Maria Burrell, Rick and Clare 22.7.00.

194. Blue velvet box contains coral bead bracelet & necklace with yellow metal nugget presented by Mrs E V Akuffo.

195. Beige cloth bag contains six white metal wine corks Thomas Goode and Co.

196. Small white metal box with flower motif on lid.

197. Cartier clock in orange and black marble with mother of pearl face, yellow metal trim. Marked on sticker on base 2641C, wrapped in towel.

198. Red leather Cartier pouch containing pair of small white metal and gilt spoons embroidered badge Prince of Wales feathers and business card from Andy Noble, Page Monro Ltd.

199. Burgundy cloth bag containing number of presentation boxes, photographs and silverware.

200. Grey presentation box contains Alexander VII Medal. Black.

201. Presentation box containing Wyatt Druitt wine label Latour white metal.

202. Light blue presentation box, contains yellow metal earrings.

203. Red presentation box Royal Mint, contains five-dollar piece.

204. White metal coin in red presentation box with Prince of Wales feathers on lid.

205. Small cream presentation box Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co, contains small brooch gold and enamel. "Children playing ring a roses".

206. Dark blue presentation box presented to "Charles of England from Town of Sienna" dated 10th April 1986, contains two coins.

207. Green presentation box, contains 25th Anniversary Canada dollar in plastic pouch.

208. White metal and wood tea strainer in white metal cup with loose bare metal crest.

209. Blue cloth bag contains salt and pepper shakers, white metal.

210. Blue presentation case "1776 to 1976" on cover, contains US bicentennial silver proof coin set.

211. One photograph of Prince Charles, Lady Diana and child in plastic frame (2), photograph of Lady Diana and two children in plastic frame.

212. Red book with "Menu Royal" in gold on front.

213. Black book with "White Lodge Telegrams" in gold on front, contains telegram forms.

214. Brown leather jacket and brown leather dress "Krizia".

215. Pink roll neck jumper.

216. Pink roll neck jumper.

217. Grey pencil skirt.

218. Grey fleck skirt, Next.

219. Blue blouse, Yue Hwa.

220. Red and white striped Next blouse.

221. Red cloth bag containing pair of cream ladies' shoes Ferrangamo.

222. Ladies' navy blue pencil skirt Daks.

223. White Harrods cloth bag, contains pair of ladies' high heel cream and grey shoes, Rayne.

224. Ladies' silk blouse, Leisure Ltd.

225. Rayne cloth bag containing pair of cream and black high heel ladies' silk shoes Chanel.

226. Rayne cloth bag contains pair of black flat ladies silk shoes, Chanel.

227. Ladies' suit peach, Catherine Walker Chelsea Design Co.

228. Ladies' burgundy and blue tartan suit, David Sassoon.

229. Ladies' cream polyester blouse, Austin Reed.

230. Ladies' cream silk blouse, gold buttons, Paul Costelloe, on green padded hanger.

231. Ladies' navy blue pin striped coat, velvet trim on collar and cuffs. Catherine Walker, gold anchor buttons.

232. Ladies' light brown wool suit Gruppo GFT.

233. Ladies' charcoal grey and blue pin striped suit, Escada.

234. Ladies' green/blue and violet Versace ball dress with blue and white baggette stones in circle shapes x 2.

235. Ladies' peach evening dress, Valentino.

236. Ladies' white blouse polyester, Eximous.

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