Police List of Items Allegedly Stolen by Princess Diana's Butler

237. Ladies' cream blouse with red collar and cuffs.

238. Kodak box containing 31 black and white photographs of Diana, 16 photographs in colour and one black and white photograph of Prince William.

239. Biblical text.

240. Four photographs and commemorative postcard.

241. Two negatives of Diana and the Princes.

242. Nineteen negatives of Diana.

243. Sixteen negatives of Diana.

244. Notepad with details of mine victims.

245. Letter from Diana to Prime Minister John Major dated 20/10/93.

246. Letter from Mother Teresa to Diana dated 15/3/91.

247. Letter to Diana from Granny dated 13/01/1989.

248. Letter to Diana from David

249. Memo - Maritza Stevens - Jan 95.

250. Letter from Charles Spencer to Diana.

251. Letter from Charles Spencer to Diana dated 18/6/93.

252. Letter from Charles Spencer to Diana dated 28/6/93.

253. Letter from Charles to Diana, dated 29/7/94.

254. Memo from Diana to Chrissie.

255. Memo from Diana to Charles.

256. Memo from Diana to Margot Xmas 1994.

257. Letter from Diana to Household staff, dated 19/12/89.

258. Letter dated 27/12/90 from Diana.

259. Letter from Diana dated 19/12/91.

260. Letter from Diana dated 20/12/90.

261. Letter from Diana dated 19/12/91.

262. Silver framed picture of Diana 1995.

263. One audio cassette The World of Your Hundred Best Tunes Volume Five, Alan Keith.

264. One video cassette The Royal Opera Covent Garden - Der Rosenkavalier, signed Diana.

265. One 12-inch record, Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet, London Philharmonic Orchestra, signed Diana Spencer 1977.

266. One 10-inch record, Neil Diamond - Jonathan Livingston Seagull, signed Sarah Spencer.

267. One 12-inch record, Supertramp - Breakfast in America.

268. One 12-inch record, Leo Sayer - Endless Flight, signed Diana Spencer.

269. One 12-inch record, ABBA The Album, signed Diana Spencer.

270. One Starlight Waltzes Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra, signed Diana Spencer.

271. One 12-inch record, The War of the Worlds by Jeff Wayne, signed Diana and Diana Spencer.

272. One 12-inch record, Immortal Pas de Deux, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Rober Irving, signed Diana Spencer.

273. One 10-inch record, Barbra Streisand-Kris Kristofferson's A Star is Born, signed Diana Spencer.

274. One 12-inch record, Scott Joplin Prodigal Son - The London Festival Ballet Orchestra, signed Diana Spencer on both sides.

275. One 10-inch record Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 2 in C Minor, signed D Spencer.

276. One 10-inch record, The Sound of Music, signed Diana.

277. One double 12-inch album Elton John - Blue Moves, signed Diana.

278. One boxed set of records - Mozart Don Giovanni - signed Diana.

279. One 12-inch record The Phantom of the Opera, signed Diana.

280. One 45rpm record A Groovy Kind of Love Phil Collins, signed Diana.

281. One 45rpm record The Phantom of the Opera Michael Crawford, signed Diana.

282. One 45rpm record All I Ask of You - Cliff Richard, Sarah Brightman, signed Diana.

283. One 45rpm record Love Changes Everything by Michael Ball, signed Diana.

284. The double cassette tape The Phantom of the Opera, signed Diana.

285. One cassette tape Les Miserables, signed Diana.

286. One cassette tape Hello I Must Be Going, signed Diana.

287. One cassette tape Eurythmics, signed Diana.

288. One cassette tape Simply Red, signed Diana.

289. One cassette tape "Katie Mixed Summer", signed Diana.

290. One cassette tape Bellini & Donizetti, signed Diana.

291. One cassette tape "Backtrack 1".

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