Book Excerpt: Jay Bakker

Back then I wanted to be Don Johnson, who played Sonny Crockett, so bad it was ridiculous. I had my hair cut to look like his, wore sports coats over pink or peach T-shirts, and even had a shoulder holster with a toy gun that looked real. My friends and I would set up fake drug deals. I would load Ziploc bags with flour and put them in a duffel bag, and we'd go buy tons of fake money at the general store in Heritage USA. We'd wrap stacks of cash and put them in another bag. I was always Crockett, and my friend Matthew was always Tubbs. So we'd set up the drug deal, with our other friends playing the bad guys. As soon as we made the exchange, we'd pull out our guns and yell, "Freeze! Miami Vice!" and then chase the "perpetrators" around Heritage and inside the Grand Hotel, screaming around corners and scaring little old ladies almost to death. My dad would routinely reprimand me, but I think it kind of tickled him a little bit.

I had it all.

The keys to the kingdom.

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