Q+A: 'Super Size Me'

How did he lose the weight? Director Morgan Spurlock answers your questions about his fast food diet for the award-winning documentary Super Size Me.

Question: Do you still find yourself craving McDonald's, now that you've been away from it for a while? Adriane, Winnetka, Calif.

Answer: To this day, if I smell a Big Mac, my mouth starts watering like Pavlov's dog. It's crazy. I smell it and I want it, but I can't eat it because to me it doesn't even taste like food anymore. In fact, it tastes like the most "unfood" thing I can imagine, it tastes artificial, chemical and leaves quite an unnatural aftertaste (a delightful McFilm) in my mouth.

Question: Was it hard switching to the healthy food after you ate McDonald's for all of that time? Garrett, Nanuet, N.Y.

Answer: By the time I finished this diet, I was dying for fresh food! My body was craving vegetables and was overjoyed the first time it got some. I experienced an incredible period of withdrawal for the first three days off the diet: massive headaches, body pains, periods of sweats and shaking. It was remarkable. By the fourth day, most of these had effects had subsided. Now I'm not a firm believer that they add all types of chemicals to food to make it addictive, but I do believe that if you eat a diet heavy in fat, sugar, salt and caffeine (like you will eat at most fast food chains), then your body will start to crave and rely on it.

Question: Can't wait to see the film. As a doc filmmakers myself, you really made a sacrifice for your art. Kathryn, Jackson, Miss.

Answer: I knew from the minute I had the idea that I couldn't ask anyone else to do this. (Never ask someone to do something that you aren't willing to do yourself!)

Plus, I couldn't trust that when the camera's weren't rolling that this other person wouldn't go home, lock his door and sneak some broccoli behind our backs! I knew I would stay the course and be dedicated to the experiment. I also think my personal involvement put a very human face on the issue.

Question: Why did the director only eat at McDonald's, there are plenty of other fast food restaurants that are just as fatty. Why didn't he eat some meals at Burger King or Wendy's? Why did he feel the need to objectify McDonald's?

Consuelo, Colorado Springs

Answer: The film is not about McDonald's. But to me, McDonald's is iconic of every fast food chain. They are the biggest. They have the most outlets. When you think "fast food" you automatically think of the Golden Arches. They feed more people everyday than the entire population of Spain (46 million) and they influence the entire industry in a way that no other company can. Every restaurant follows their lead, so in my opinion, I picked the one company that I felt could most easily influence change across the board. What happened to me could easily have happened at a Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell or other fast food chain. (Or even a fast casual chain like an Outback, Applebee's or Olive Garden.)

Question: Great Film!!!! What was the budget for your film?

Answer: The movie that got us into Sundance cost $65,000. The one that went into theatres ended up costing a little more, 35mm prints and all, but is was the 65K film that we sold to distributors first.

Question: After filming was completed, what did your meals consist of in order to lose the acquired weight? Best of luck to you. Tommy, Duluth, Ga.

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