'20/20' Talks to Stars and Their Siblings

In fact, Haylie Duff, 19, has been working in edgy independent films, like this summer's Napoleon Dynamite and has begun recording her own CD. Though she sings with her sis on the soundtrack to Hilary's next movie, A Cinderella Story, Haylie turned down an offer to act in the film.

"It's not that I didn't want to be seen as Hilary's sister, because I'm very proud to be her sister — I know how talented she is and I know that I'm talented too. And I never wanted it to look like we used her talent to get me to where I wanted to be," said Haylie.

And while Hilary supports her big sister's aspirations, Haylie's watching out for her kid sister as well. "Haylie has my back all the time," said Hillary who then told her sister: "We're so close … I wouldn't know what to do without you."

Family Feud

Everybody loves Michael Jordan, and they've put him up on a pedestal, except for one of his four sisters and brothers, Deloris.

She says success changed Michael and not for the better. "I saw things happening within my family and a lot of it was the result of his success," said Deloris Jordan.

She claims her kid brother belittled and disrespected her and didn't always share his success with her — at least not as much as she thinks he should have.

Author and sibling expert Dalton Conley explained at the heart of many sibling rivalries is simple economics. "You can't have a dog eat dog world of competitive capitalists out there and expect completely different dynamic inside the home. The family home is not a level playing field itself."

Deloris may have no qualms about going public with her sibling feud —— but her brother apparently does. Michael Jordan declined comment about his sister.

Boy Band Brothers

Fame can split apart more than just siblings. For blond Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his younger brother, fellow pop star Aaron Carter, their fame took a toll on their family.

Their mom, Jane Carter, was a champion for their careers. She was always their biggest booster sending them to voice and dance classes, driving them to countless auditions only to lose her way in the tumult of showbiz success.

"I saw the change, in her," said Aaron Carter. "She was becoming a different person, pretty much, to me … all she really worried about was the business."

His brother Nick agreed and explained he eventually had to confront his mother and asked for more independence. When he decided to then bring his dad on tour, his mom headed out with Aaron but grew estranged from her husband. The two have since divorced and while they have joint custody of Aaron, he lives with their father.

The boys are now moving forward in their careers. Nick is recording a new Backstreet Boys CD and auditioning for acting jobs, Aaron is set to film a movie this summer while both are navigating the perils and pleasures of dating in the fast lane.

"Honestly, I love, I love … Paris [Hilton] to death, I think she's, she's a wonderful, wonderful human being," said Nick. His brother Aaron jokingly said "good luck," after dating his share of teen stars including Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, "no more celebrity for me. Sorry."

Their mother, Jane Carter, is no longer a part of their professional lives, but her two sons say they still care for their mom. As Nick puts it, "she's always going to be our mother."

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