'2020' Profiles Young Royals

His colleagues had no idea he was a prince until video of his brother's wedding in England came in over the satellite feed.

As Nikolaos tells it, somebody looked at the screen and remarked, "Look, that's Nick, our PA. What's he doing there?"

He's also been spotted dating Elle McPherson and approves of romance between royals and commoners. "I think there's nothing worse than if you find someone that you like to marry and you can't," said Nikolaos. "Or even worse, like in the olden days, when they would actually force you in to the marriage. That's not going to work."

He may embrace new rules for royals, but Nikolaos very much clings to some of the old. For example, he's a smoker, but would not smoke when our cameras were rolling, as that would be very un-royal behavior.

Prince Nikolaos is also working to build the Anna Maria Foundation. For information, visit this Web site: http://www.greekroyalfamily.org/english/news/news_features19.html.

For more news on all things royal, visit Hello! magazine's Web site at http://www.hellomagazine.com.

A Script Made for Hollywood

A lot of ladies meet their "prince charming" at nightclubs or parties. But Mary Donaldson, an advertising manager from Australia, literally met a prince at a nightclub during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

The man whose acquaintance Donaldson made, and whose heart she would win, was the heir to the Danish throne — His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik.

"The first time we met or shook hands I did not know he was the crown prince of Denmark," Donaldson said. That's because when they met he introduced himself simply as "Fred."

"It was perhaps half an hour or so later that somebody came up to me and said, 'Do you know who these people are?' I said 'no,' and then we found out," Donaldson recalled.

Prince Frederik's life story not only fed the tabloids, it's the story behind Julia Stiles' recent Hollywood film, The Prince and Me.

To appreciate the unusual match of Prince Frederik and Donaldson, you need to go back to the beginning.

While Donaldson was growing up in a middle-class home half a world away, Frederik was already in line to be king. At the tender age of 3, after his grandfather died and his mother became queen, he became heir to the throne of Europe's oldest monarchy. He knew nothing of it until grade school.

"It didn't really coincide with an explanation. I was just told, OK, that you are next in line. You are actually going to become king," the crown prince said.

But his parents — Queen Margarethe II and the French-born Prince Henrik — went out of their way to give the crown prince and his brother a normal childhood. He even studied abroad for a year at Harvard.

Like his British cousins — William and Harry — Frederik, 35, lives on an allowance, nearly $700,000 a year. But unlike the Windsors, he comes and goes as he pleases — even driving himself around town.

Athletic and fiercely competitive, Frederik joined all three branches of his country's armed services, even landing a rare spot in the Danish version of the Navy SEALs.

Images of the rugged, handsome crown prince make for front-page news nearly every week, though his love life has grabbed the most attention. His past girlfriends include a lingerie model and a pop star.

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