'2020' Profiles Young Royals

Prince Without a Castle

But not all royal heirs these days are able to claim their thrones. Italy's Prince Emmanuele Filiberto, prince of Venice and Piedmont, has lived his life in exile as millions of tourists drink in the rich history and culture of Italy.

His family's misfortune stems from World War II, when his grandfather made an ill-conceived decision to support Benito Mussolini's laws that led to the deportation and murder of thousands of Italian Jews.

When the war ended, the throne was abolished and the royal clan was cast into exile. A constitutional ban prevented members of the House of Savoy from entering Italy.

Fifty-seven years later, Prince Emmanuele, 33, longed for his roots and was ready to say what he believed should have been said from the start. "It's a terrible thing," he said of his ancestor's alliance with Mussolini. "It's disgusting. I apologize, but not just apologize myself. I apologize on the name of all Italians."

With the prince's magical apology, the government lifted the ban. Of course there would be no return to monarchy, but the Savoy family, which once ruled all of Italy, was able to come home.

Finally the prince had his country. Now all he needed was his princess.

Enter the lovely French actress, Clotilde Courau, three years his elder, she captured the heart of a prince.

When word of the romance came out, the prince's homecoming turned rocky. Though his title is ceremonial only, there was still consternation over the prince dating a commoner.

Especially when it turned out that the princess-to-be was also a mother-to-be. But the public eventually came around and welcomed the new princess. And now the prince is papa to the newest member of the Savoy dynasty, Vittoria. Her royal father says he has a simple wish for her future.

"I would like my daughter to have a normal life. It sounds stupid to say — to have normal friends, to play games that everyone plays. To be like everyone else."

That's not likely. Just a few months old, Vittoria has already appeared on the cover of a magazine. Once a royal, always a royal.

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