'Friends' Cast Members Talk to '20/20'

"And then all of us had to go back to makeup and get re-made up," said LeBlanc.

He said Aniston was the most emotional in the end and described the star as a "giant heart with a head, with feet"

Awaiting the Big Broadcast

The last season of Friends brought a wedding for Phoebe, and both potential parenthood for Monica and Chandler and an overseas job opportunity for Rachel.

With just two more episodes to go, Friends fever has never been more intense. Thousands of loyal fans are planning parties around the finale, and the original gang will be among those watching on that Thursday night. "We'll watch it together," said LeBlanc.

So how will it end?

Will Monica and Chandler have a baby? Will Joey move to L.A.? Will Rachel and Ross end up together? Fans will have to wait and see, but you can vote now and tell us what you expect: How Will it End?

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