Celebrity Couples Go Public With Private Lives

Does the thought of people watching everything they do make their lives more exciting?

"Maybe not so much exciting," Chris said, "but it's comforting to come home and know that one person out there, just one, could be watching me right now. And it's kind of weird and creepy but it feels like having a dog at home, and when you get home, that dog cares about you or that cat cares about you."

Kaya, a camera-loving hunk who appeared on Fox's Temptation Island, said his stint in reality-TV was "a hyper-state of living when all those cameras are on you."

And although Kaya's relationship with his girlfriend Valerie was really put on the griddle, he and Valerie say that putting their relationship on television didn't hurt it. They say that, in fact, it made their relationship stronger.

"I think it's really helped the relationship evolve, when we went through all that pressure together and we share that bond together," Kaya said.

Navarro says the show has given him and Electra a permanent record of one of their most intimate moments. He says he thrilled that the moment he and Electra exchange vows is captured on film. "That's cool to me, because it's a positive thing," he said.

But for Chris and Ashley, a not-so-funny thing happened on the way to the altar. Eight months ago, they called off their engagement. Ashley moved out and the Internet's favorite cute couple broke up.

While the couple doesn't blame their Web site as the downfall, therapist Real says such a reality relationship brings up some serious questions. "You have to wonder is the primary commitment to each other or is the primary commitment to you and your audience. … It's hard to imagine that over time, it is a healthy thing for a relationship."

And in her new place, away from her former fiancé, Ashley has a bed, a desk … and yes, a Webcam.

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