Rock Muse Buell Remembers Many Loves

They kept their secret until Liv was 11, when they went to an Aerosmith concert. The little girl was struck by her physical similarities to the singer on stage. "There was a very dramatic moment and she said, 'Mom, that's my daddy, isn't it?'" Buell remembers. She then told Liv the truth.

Buell tried to keep Liv from the fast lane, raising her in Maine. But Liv eventually decided to try show business. Not wanting to see her daughter taken advantage of, Buell — who had seen the business from the inside — took on the role of manager, publicist, agent and guide.

With her mother's help, Liv became a huge success. Buell negotiated her first million-dollar deal, but then, Buell says, just like all the rock stars, Liv left her behind, dumping her as her manager.

Buell was devastated. She saw her daughter's move as a desertion and a continuation of all the other abandonments she had suffered before.

But now, after therapy and antidepressants, she is back on track. She has reconciled with her daughter, and is singing regularly with her band, the Bebe Buell Band. She is engaged to the guitarist, Jim Wallerstein, who is 13 years younger — and says she has finally found her man.

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