Children Bear Emotional Scars from School Siege

  Dr. Rachael Yehuda said the getaways were important because many children who suffer a trauma have trouble experiencing joy.

"It's very important to remind people, even when they're at their lowest point, that they won't be there forever, that joy is around the corner, that they have not lost their ability to feel good. That that ability will come back," Yehuda said.

  Two boys who spoke to 20/20 proved Yehuda's point. "I already forgot a little," one boy said. "When we were there it would even seem those things never happened. As if nothing happened at all, nothing like that at all," said another.

The children said they'd never forget what they went through. "Little children, 1- or 2-year-olds, will forget but we won't," one boy said.

But one girl expressed a poignant hopefulness that she and the people of Beslan will heal. "You begin to understand more clearly that you've been saved, that you're alive."

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