Barbara Walters' Biggest Bloopers

Walters warns several of her guests not to make any life-altering decisions before their interview airs, but David Duchovny did not listen. The day after he talked to Walters, he married Tea Leoni.

What are the biggest mistakes a guest can make on a Barbara Walters special? Forgetting to tell the truth, and forgetting that anything you say will be remembered.

#19: Never lie on a Barbara Walters' special.

Over the course of three interviews, Richard Pryor painfully recounts his history of drug use, including his lie about the fire that almost took his life.

#18: Never say anything on a Walters' special that you don't want people to remember.

Bing Crosby says, "Aloha on the steel guitar," and Sean Connery admits he has not changed the way he feels about slapping a woman in two very memorable interviews.

In the early years of the specials, the "house tour" was almost as important as the interview.

#17: A terrific setting isn't enough.

Walters' interview locations are always stunning, but not always functional. Try interviewing Tom Cruise with airplanes roaring in the background or Audrey Hepburn with bird droppings raining down.

And when it comes to interviews, the time can be as important as the place.

#16: Never do an interview in the middle of the night, unless it's Stevie Wonder.

Drowsy eyes and tired answers were all Walters had to show for her late-night interview with Mel Gibson in 1990. But talking and singing with Stevie Wonder at 2 a.m. was an entirely different story.

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