The Death of Privacy

"It takes … a lot for me to get embarrassed about anything," she said.

And that may be why her blog, Greek Tragedy, gets about 300,000 hits a month.

"I get so much back from people, from total strangers saying … you really helped me because you wrote about how pissed off you were at your husband or whatever it is. You made me realize that my relationship's normal, too. … So that's why I put myself out there," she said.

And what about privacy?

"What's that?" she said with a laugh. "If you have the power to tell that story in your own words, you're never afraid, 'Oh God, what if someone finds this out?' 'Cause you've already put it out there."

"I think in 20 years. … Everybody is going to have such an Internet rap sheet of one thing or another, that nobody is going to be able to cop too much attitude," Thompson said.

Klein gets hate mail, though, and some say she reveals too much.

"I've received e-mails wishing me -- that I get cancer and that I don't find it until it's too late," she said.

"There are schmucks in the world. Yes, there are people who can do bad things. That's always been the case. Maybe they have a few more ways to do bad things now, but so what? I think we shouldn't judge the Internet, based on a few bad things that happen," Jarvis said.

That was most people's opinion about the Web, and the omnipresent cameras. Lighten up, say many experts.

But what about Aleksey Vayner, who was humiliated everywhere, I asked Jarvis.

"True. … So what do you propose we do about that? Should we shut down the Internet? Of course not. The street has bad things going on, but we still venture out onto the street," Jarvis said.

Klein's glad she lets it all out online.

She recently wrote a book, "Straight Up and Dirty," based on her blog and is currently writing a television pilot for a show based on her experiences.

Her intimate blog also attracted the attention of Phil, a man she met through her blog and eventually married.

"It was the most amazing thing to meet my husband through my blog. He saw what I did, he saw who I am, and he still wanted to be with me. So that was like the best," she said.

And as her blog will tell you -- in detail -- she got pregnant, and this month, gave birth to twins, and just four days later she was blogging again.

"Is there such a thing as too much information?" I asked her.

"Probably, although not for me. … I pretty much share it all," she said.

And despite those warnings that the Internet strips away your privacy, which it can, it can also bring people together.

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