Cyberbegging: Asking the Public to Pay the Bills


"People are looking for the easy way out," he said. "Especially 20-somethings who are used to not taking responsibility for their actions. Why not try to get somebody else to pay off your debt?"

Bosnak disagrees.

"I did something creative to get myself out of debt," Bosnak said. "I didn't file for bankruptcy. I didn't crawl home to mommy and daddy. Yes, I asked for help from the general public, but I worked for that help. … I don't think it's shameful. I think it's creative."

Screech's Newest Venture

So where is Diamond today?

He was able to save, and successfully remortgage, his house in Wisconsin.

In addition to the money he made through his Web site, Diamond now earns profits from a pornographic DVD in which he serves as a cameraman and also co-stars with two females. Diamond says that the tape was intended as a joke among friends, but was subsequently leaked to the public.

To protect his interests, Diamond says he decided to sign with the Red Light District, pornographic film distributors.

After years of seeing his hard-earned cash frittered away, Diamond is determined that this performance will pay dividends, even if it's a long way from the wholesome character that first made him famous.

And Diamond went back to his roots when it came to giving his film a title. It's called "Screeeched."

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