Revenge Is Sweet, and It's Everywhere


James says his wife blurted out the fact she was having an affair while they were watching TV. "When I first found out, I felt sick…I was shaking, I was sweating, and I felt physically ill. I had no idea whatsoever this had been going on. It cut me in two… [the] husband's always the last to know and stereotypically, that was me," James says.

When James found out the new man in his wife's life was someone he knew, he had a different reaction. "As soon as I found out about the affair, this guy, this animal that she'd been having the affair with, I hated him, I just wanted pure blood. There's no two ways about it. If I could've thumped him, even murdered him, I would've done it."

As scientists would predict, James' natural instinct was to inflict a painful revenge against his wife's new boyfriend.

"I fantasized about horrible things happening, you know, cutting brake pipes, hoping he crashes, hoping he gets some sort of dreadful disease. And these were thoughts I'd have constantly," says James.

'People Do Want Revenge'

James knew he couldn't act out his fantasies, so instead he laid out a harmless revenge plot . First he took anchovies and shoved them up the tail pipe of the boyfriend's car. "If you put any oily fish in an exhaust pipe, the heat of the exhaust pipe will permeate the smell through the car," he explains.

Next he got some dog poop and smeared it on the car door handles while the man was at work. James waited and watched, from his own car nearby. "As soon as he put his hand on the door handle, it went straight in the dog poop. I mean, I was rolling around in the car in tears of laughter, because, he'd got what he deserved."

Juvenile? No doubt about it. But James says these harmless acts of revenge made him feel better. "People do want revenge, it is a way of getting control back," he says.


James' experience inspired him to create a Web site called, where the newly jilted can hire James to help them get even, "as long as it's legal and playful," says James.

Eighty percent of his clients are Americans, and most of them are women. And though his revenge business is thriving, personally James has moved on and is happily remarried, proving the old adage that living well is the best revenge -- well, almost. Because for himself -- and his clients -- James believes a little taste of harmless payback can go a long way.

"It was about getting my own self-control back, my own self-respect. Because, if you've been hurt, betrayed, or made a fool of, you need to do something otherwise it festers inside. And revenge works."

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