Defending the 'D.C. Madam'

I don't think a lot of women would choose to scrub toilets for a living. Nevertheless, because a lot of people might think that's degrading, we don't put them in jail.

One prostitute, Heather Smith, made an interesting comparison: "It's legal for two men to go into a boxing ring and beat each other bloody for money," she said, "but it's not legal for me to go in and give someone sexual pleasure for money. What kind of sense does that make?"

Not much. If adults want to rent their bodies to other adults, that should be their choice.

In most of America, prostitution is plagued by violence and disease and often run by thugs…because it¹s illegal. In much of Nevada, the sex business is legal. The sky hasn't fallen. In fact, Las Vegas keeps appearing on those "best cities to live in" lists. The sex business in Nevada is relatively safe and clean.

"It's shameful what we're doing in the name of morality," Peter McWilliams said. "So, you have to ask yourself not, 'Is prostitution a good idea?' You have to ask yourself, 'Is prostitution worth putting people in prison for?'"

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