'Sickened, Devastated': Parents on MySpace Suicide

"Ron was giving her CPR and then I stepped in and helped and then took over," said Blaine. "It all really hit me in the seconds when the ambulance came and I knew my job was done -- I just walked in the hallway and collapsed. My whole body went numb."

The next day, 13-year-old Megan Meier was pronounced dead.

'Rage, Anger, Disgust'

The Meiers wanted to find Josh, but his MySpace account had vanished. Ron and Tina said their neighbors played a big role in helping them deal with this tragedy. The Meiers themselves also sought to console their friends, including the daughter of Lori and Curt Drew, who lived four doors down. It was the Drews' daughter who Megan had a falling out with earlier in the year.

"We even went to their house to let her know, even though they weren't great friends toward the end, that Megan did value and care about their friendship," said Tina.

And just weeks later, amid their grief, the Meiers even managed to attend the young girl's birthday party. Yet what the heartbroken Meiers never knew is that the family they were embracing had played a role in their daughter's death.

Just six weeks after Megan's funeral, they got a call from a neighbor that would shatter their lives. She revealed that there was no Josh Evans -- that it was all an awful hoax created in the home of Lori and Curt Drew.

"I was so absolutely sickened and devastated by the fact that my daughter took her own life thinking that this boy who she thought liked her and then turned on her, was actually this neighbor down the street," said Tina.

And neighbors like Trever and Chris Buckles were just as incensed.

"Rage, anger, disgust," is how Trever described his reaction.

"It's just disgusting to sink to that level to target a 13-year-old child knowing they're vulnerable. Just disgusting," said Chris.

Federal authorities were now investigating and neighbors were turning on the Drews, with reports of vandalism at their home. The Meiers soon received a letter from the Drews saying they were "sorry for the extreme pain you are going through" and requesting to talk with the Meiers.

No Charges, a World Forever Changed

The Meiers refused to speak with the Drews, but they did speak with the FBI. And as their story leaked out, there was Internet anger over the unspeakable tragedy. Blogs listed personal information about the Drews, along with hateful comments and calls for justice.

St. Charles prosecuting attorney Jack Banas began looking at the case and just this week decided he had no grounds to charge the Drews with a crime.

"It's not whether I see it as a crime, it's what the state of Missouri sees as a crime and it's what evidence you can show," said Banas.

"It troubles me that you have the loss of a young girl, that troubles me over something that could have been prevented by an adult," said Banas.

"It's hard to grasp there's nothing they could be charged with," said Trever Buckles. "I think they should have been charged with murder. Megan was part of our world."

The Drew family has refused requests for interviews. They did send a statement to "20/20" which included the following, "Although she was aware of the account, Lori Drew never sent any messages to Megan or to anyone else using this MySpace account." The statement went on to add, "Lori Drew was not aware of any mean, nasty or negative comments made by anyone against Megan until after Megan took her own life."

Pain and loss now defines the Meiers' neighborhood and the Meier family has been ruined.

"The pain hasn't even come close to easing," said Tina.

Added Ron, "My life is nothing even remotely resembling what it was before. The daughter, the family, everything that was about us as a family is no longer here. It never will be."

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