Most-Viewed Internet Videos of 2007

"These people, as they will tell you, are trying to get out of a small town. ... They don't have money, they don't have prestige," Fisher says, "but they've got courage, and so they're selling that courage."

About all they've got to sell is their courage, she says.

And so people watch these new Internet stars sell their courage or their artistic talents or their humor. Millions sit at their computers, taking it in.

"It's really like a global campfire," says Fisher. "We sit around it, and judge how we're doing in the world."

Other top viral videos from 2007:

Chocolate Rain: Tay Zonday's catchy song has been viewed more than 12 million times (click here to watch).
Playing Favorites: YouTube user mememolly asks, 'Are you anybody's favorite person?' (click here to watch)
'I'm Not Anyone's Favorite Person': Three responses to the YouTube question: 'Are you anybody's favorite person? (click here to watch)'
Wrestler Hits TV Correspondent: ABC's John Stossel got attacked by WWF wrestler David Schultz in 1984 (click here to watch).

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