Transcript: 20/20's Interview With Hans Reiser

Hans Reiser, who is accused of murdering his missing wife Nina, gave an exclusive jailhouse interview to "20/20."

The following is an edited transcript of ABC News Senior Law and Justice Correspondent Jim Avila's Aug. 31, 2007 interview with Reiser.

HANS REISER: Song for Rory. Where did you go. Are you trudging through the snow? Do you think of me, do you cry in the night? Did the kiss of the snowflake break you into tears? I'm making less every month through these years.

Does your heart grow colder as spring comes to [ ? ]. Internet fans, tell my lawyer this song is hidden away, it's been so long. We hold only memories with [ ? ]. Where did you go? Are you trudging through the snow? Do you think of me, do you cry in the night?

You are the boy with [ ? ] playing with dragons and late for school. I love you. Where did you go? Are you trudging through the snow? Do you think of me and do you cry in the night? Are you somewhere with a radio? I'm locked away but this song [ ? ] just to tell you that someone loves you.

REISER: [A]nd here's a song for my daughter.

Where did your smile go? Is it lost in the Russian snow? More than freedom, I love you so. Do you dream of my hand holding yours? Of singing with me late into the night. Then rushing out the door for breakfast in the car. Sing along my girl, let's sing.

Sing the bathtub blues, sing for me. Sing with tears, sing until sleep makes the sun shine and smile. For I love you, you love me. And when you smile, no fairy princess is as pretty. Smile for the sunshine, smile for the trees to see.

You are the rise of dawn, you are the prettiest smile [ ? ].

JIM AVILA: Why did you want, why did you want to do that so badly, Hans?

REISER: 'Cause I miss them. I — I miss them so much. It's been so long and so much worse than being in jail is being away from them. I miss them snuggling up next to me. I miss them so very much.

Family Matters Most

AVILA: How important was your family to you?

REISER: Well, I found out it was all that really mattered to me.

AVILA: You were a success outside the family. Did that matter?

REISER: It was — yes, it was, it was nice but when — when it came down to it, all that really mattered was looking into my daughter's eyes and seeing her smile at me and my son and the trust that they had in me. And I care so much about them.

It turns out that, you know, somebody really loves you. File systems are just abstractions, you know, they're just — you work on them for 20 years and turns out they're not worth as much as a smile from a daughter.

Han's Children Have Suffered

AVILA: Your kids have been through a lot. Their father is in jail now, waiting trial. Their mother is missing, if not dead. They must be having a terrible time and they're in a different — they're in a foreign country.

REISER: And it's been made terrible for them. It's been made terrible and there's nothing special about what's happened to me. The, the system makes things terrible for children and in these situations always, for everybody. And it would just be nice if someone would care enough to care about the kids and — and what our system does to them.

I never got to explain to my children that their mother is missing, that I'm a suspect. And they cut out, cut off communications entirely right when they need me the most. … I would have liked to have sat them on my knee and hugged them and cried with them, you know.

AVILA: How do you know that they are suffering?

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