Jury Finds Doug Grant Guilty in Bizarre Bathtub Drowning

Two days after the fall, Faylene would be dead.

A New Marriage for Doug Grant

When the couple returned to Gilbert, Doug said Faylene was still in pain from the fall and having difficulty sleeping. He called a physician's assistant he knew, Chad White, who made a house call that night. He said he gave Faylene a shot of Torodol, a pain medication; he also prescribed additional pills, including Ambien so that she could fall asleep.

Then, on the morning of Sept. 27, 2001, Doug said he woke to find his wife, Faylene, drowning in their bathtub.

But instead of calling 911, Doug called Chad White who then called emergency services before he rushed to the home and began CPR.

Doug told ABC News that White, "Started doing CPR and he turned her on her side and a bunch of water came out. And I thought, what did I do wrong?"

Paramedics soon arrived and rushed Faylene to a nearby hospital. Later that afternoon, she was pronounced dead.

On the night she died, Doug said he found another letter, one that Faylene had written to Doug and Hilary, just one day before her fall at Timpanogos.

Click here To read Faylene's letter to her husband.

Three weeks after Faylene's death, Doug Grant married Hilary Dewitt, who eventually adopted the two sons he had with Faylene.

Accident or Murder?

At first, the police viewed Faylene's death as accidental, though the medical examiner labeled it "undetermined." Four years later, Doug Grant was indicted on first degree murder and in mid-November 2008, his trial got under way.

Sgt. Sy Ray of the Gilbert Police Department investigated the case. At first glance, he said, Faylene's letters were troubling, "It's very easy on this case to say, oh, this woman's crazy. What is she thinking? You know, she had to have killed herself. But there's always a reference to Doug on those writings; either 'Doug's visions' or' Doug said this' or' Doug told me that.' Or 'in church Doug had this vision, or he dreams it.'"

During the trial, the prosecution painted Doug as a masterful manipulator who took advantage of his wife and convinced her she would die. But, in the end, the jury foreperson said they focused on the events of the morning of Faylene's drowning.

"What really got people to go over from not knowing to being guilty was the series of phone calls in the morning and why he didn't call 911. She was still alive when she came out of the tub," said the foreperson. "If he had called EMS right off the bat, we don't know that Faylene would have died, it's very possible she would have lived."

Despite Doug Grant's actions that morning, the foreperson said they stuck to the facts and avoided passing judgment on the more sensational parts of the testimony.

"I've made my share of mistakes; I wouldn't want someone judging my character based on my mistakes," the foreperson explained. "We only know a little bit of who Doug Grant is and what he is. We were shown the parts that aren't so nice and I'm sure there are good things there too. I would hate people to think that we made our decision just because Doug married a younger woman, or had affairs, that he made mistakes that we didn't like his character because that's just not true."

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