For Mrs. Phil Spector, Life Goes on With Hubby Behind Bars

At the outset, Rachelle says she knew very little of how Spector masterminded so many of the greatest pop records of the modern era, including "Baby, I Love You" and "Da Doo Run Run" to "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" -- all booming tracks from the early '60s and achievements that earned him an honored place in pop culture annals.

"Even when he came over with the Beatles. I mean, he's had this plane coming over from England with the biggest, you know, band in the world, and who else is on that plane and coming down the stairs? My husband, Phil Spector. So, I mean, it's like unbelievable. I mean he was everywhere," she said.

Despite Murder Conviction, Wife Says 'This Guy Couldn't Hurt a Fly'

By the end of 2003, they were virtually inseparable. But as Spector's likely murder trial loomed, Rachelle's friends were concerned. She told them not to worry.

"Even like the first five minutes ... after meeting him you get no sense of danger whatsoever. I mean this guy couldn't hurt a fly. I wrestled for two years. I taught tae kwon do for three-and-a-half years. I'm like thinking, anybody's gonna do any damage, it's me," she laughed.

When asked about finding her husband sexually attractive, Rachelle says, "Oh, yeah. I've always been attracted to older men, anyways. So yeah, absolutely. I think he's cute and sexy, and I know how men are and how guys are. They'll just say whatever. But I fooled him. I got him to marry me, anyway. So little did he know."

It fell to Rachelle to pop the question, though. Her approach resulted in a diamond-encrusted engagement ring and a 2006 wedding.

The big-time bling on the hand of a one-time waitress, a tricked-out car, a new home for her mom back in Beaver Falls -- it all set tongues wagging, and Rachelle was not immune to the wicked whispers.

Asked about being called a gold digger, she said, "Well, at this point, I don't care how much digging I would be doing. There's nothing to dig for. So that one is 'no.'"

What about the house and her husband's music catalog?

"Yeah, and this house is mortgaged to the hilt as well as everything else," she said. "And the catalog, and so, even though his catalog may generate that type of revenue, we don't see that revenue."

The worst part of all, Rachelle says, came on April 13 of this year -- the day Spector was found guilty of second-degree murder.

"Oh, my god. That's all I kept saying. I just kept saying, oh, my god, oh, my god," she said through tears. "I never thought in my wildest dreams this would happen. He doesn't deserve this."

Barred from seeing her husband in prison until a classification process has passed, Rachelle says her husband wrote her a letter describing in detail the conditions in which he was being held.

"Rachelle Dearest, It's hell here. The first 4 days I was on suicide watch and slept naked on the floor," the note reads.

"He's down to less than 130 pounds, and I can't even talk to him or go and see him," said a crying Rachelle.

She says what she misses most is "just him being here. Just knowing that he's here."

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